McLaren: No radical overhaul

Eric Boullier says McLaren’s recent mini-revival has shown that there’s no need for them to attempt a more radical overhaul of their MP4-29 car.

Speaking in May after Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen had each gone three races without scoring a World Championship point, McLaren's Racing Director said they would pursue \"radical concepts\" if results hadn't improved by the British GP.

Yet with Button finishing a strong fourth in his home race at Silverstone and Magnussen seventh, Boullier reckons McLaren's performance had been \"better than expected\" with the team working instead to bring planned developments to the car more quickly.

\"The line or path we have decided to follow is going to be pushed a little bit further,\" Boullier said in a recent McLaren Mercedes phone-in. \"The correlation and upgrade package we brought, originally for Silverstone but it went to Austria, is doing well so now we are doing the same and pushing to bring every upgrade one race earlier. So in Germany we'll bring more upgrades than originally scheduled.\"

Having ruled out an early switch to their 2015 car earlier in the summer, Boullier said that \"everything is going to plan\" with their Honda-powered challenger.

\"There won't be any radical change now. Also, we have really found the policy or strategy so we're going to push as hard and as long as possible the development of this car, the 29A, as long as we can carry over the concept of next year's car,\" he added.