McManus in salary cap warning

St Helens chairman Eamonn McManus believes that increasing the Super League's salary cap could destabilise the game.

Salford owner Dr Marwan Koukash has been very vocal in his desire to see clubs' 1.8m annual spending limit on players wages raised.

These have been in part prompted by the recently-announced new sponsorship and broadcasting deals for the competition and also a desire to prevent talent moving to Australia's National Rugby League or switching codes to rugby union.

McManus, though, has urged caution.

Writing his programme notes for Saints' match against Hull on Friday, McManus said: "What we cannot afford to do now is to destabilise this new solid ground by increasing salary cap wholesale.

"It is sustainable club solvency that is the imperative.

"I am in favour of possibly re-energising the salary cap to incentivise the production and retention of the best British talent to the extent practicable.

"But this has to be done within the long-term capacity of the game's guaranteed revenue streams rather than because of the unpredictable promises of individuals."