The most biased commentary ever?

Some clips are just so brilliant, it hardly matters that they're 19 years old. This one was dredged up during a debate on Twitter this week and is pure joy.

Former Castleford assistant coach Mick Morgan was (inadvisably) handed the microphone to commentate on Cas's Regal Trophy final against Wigan in 1994.

The clip begins with Wigan's Kelvin Skerrett being shown a yellow card by referee Dave Campbell, to which Morgan roars: "You bottle-less get Campbell! You d**khead!"

In the broadest Yorkshire accent heard on the airwaves since Geoffrey Boycott, Morgan continues: "That were absolute diabolical! Get 'im off the field! I can't spake (translation: speak)!"

A minute later, Castleford's Lee Crooks scores a try to complete a thumping 33-2 victory and Morgan explodes.

"Shove it up yours!! Who's the best club in the world?!" is his conclusion.