More Cup protests in Brazil

Protestors continue to make their feelings known in a number of Brazilian cities, objecting to the cost of this summer’s World Cup finals.

They remain angry at how much the government has spent on preparing for the event, as well as the Olympics, which Rio will host in two years.

The worst scenes on Sunday evening were in Rio de Janeiro where police and protestors clashed about a mile from the Maracana stadium where Argentina were taking on Bosnia.

Masked protestors marched towards the stadium where they were met by riot police who unleashed tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the crowd.

Pedro Dantas, a spokesman for Rio's security secretariat which oversees all security forces, said: "We will immediately open an investigation into the incident."

In a later statement, Dantas said riot police were hit by Molotov cocktails thrown by protestors. However, the statement did not indicate whether any officers were hurt.

The demonstration attracted around 200 people, one of whom was 23-year-old student Karen Rodrigues who said: "We are seeing tonight the same police brutality we've seen during the past year, and that's why we have to keep protesting."

Sky Sports News chief reporter Bryan Swanson said in his most recent dispatch: "There were chants by protestors for FIFA to go back to Switzerland, while there was a show of force from police on the ground and in the air.

"Police warned them off with gas and stun grenades, as they don't want the protestors getting any closer to the stadium.

"And one policeman told me later they wanted to send a message to protestors. One casualty was a member of the Chilean media who was wounded and dislocated his shoulder after falling over."

But Swanson adds that many of those who were part of the protests were unhappy with what they claim was 'police provocation and celebration'.