Mourinho faces striker grilling

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho will face the press on Tuesday where he is expected to defend his comments about his lack of strikers.

Mourinho was caught off camera by a French news channel saying that Chelsea cannot win the league because they do not have a goalscorer.

He is due to face the press around 1.30pm this afternoon to talk about their Champions League clash with Galatasaray, but his unguarded comments may be the main talking point.

"Will we win the title? No, we don't have any scorer. Samuel Eto'o? He is 32-years-old, maybe 35," .

Mourinho - who was reportedly unaware he was being filmed as he conducted a private conversation with a Swiss businessman - did not mention Fernando Torres or Demba Ba, and his comments appear to be inherently critical of all three of his strikers.

He went on to say that he needs to sign a striker and picked on Monaco's Radamel Falcao. "I need a striker and Radamel Falcao needs a club. A player like him cannot play in front of 3,000 people. Monaco are a club you end your career with."

The Blues boss may now have to launch a damage-limitation exercise in front of the press and back the three strikers he does have.