Murray not witnessed laziness

Andy Murray has refused to get embroiled in the ‘lazy’ British debate sparked by outgoing LTA coach Julien Hoferlin.

Dan Evans' departing coach Hoferlin claimed that British players are "too spoilt", a view backed by current British women's no 1 Heather Watson, who said she sees \"

"Not just the players, but I think the coaches let them slip, let them get away with it.\"

However, Murray himself says he has not witnessed any laziness when he has trained with British players, although he admits he is not around them enough to know for sure.

He told Sky Sports: \"Well I can't give a fair assessment on that.

\"When I do my training blocks I tend to do them over in Miami. Last year I did it with Kyle Edmund when he worked very hard.

\"I did it with Jamie Baker the year before that and he worked extremely hard.

\"But like I say, I don't see them week in, week out, I don't see them at the tournaments all the time.

\"It's easy to work hard for a couple of weeks but you need to do it throughout the whole year but I can't say for sure, how hard everyone's working because I don't see it.\"