Murray ready for Berankis test

Andy Murray has welcomed the return of Ricardas Berankis to top-level tennis, and admits he imposes a threat to his chances in Melbourne.

Labelled as a star in the making, Berankis' career was put on hold after suffering a groin injury that was initially misdiagnosed.

The 22-year-old has however made a strong comeback in Melbourne, and the British No 1 is aware of the threat he will impose when they meet in the Australian Open on Saturday.

"I practised with him before the Australian Open last year, before he started qualifying, and again in Brisbane (a few weeks ago)," Murray said.

"He works hard, he's a really nice guy and it's nice to see him do well because we spent quite a bit of time practising together.

"He is a very hard worker, he has had a couple of injuries over the last couple of years and it will be tough."

The Lithuanian beat No 25 seed Florian Meyer in the third round of the Melbourne tournament, but knows he will have to be at the top of his game to make any headway against the US Open champion.

"I am just going to try my best, playing the top players is always tough," Berankis said. "I will have to do everything as well as possible. If everything goes well we will see."

"I feel calm. I have practised with him so it's not going to be a big surprise to see Andy Murray on the other side of the net," he added.

"The first time [you practise with a top player] it's like 'wow' but after a while you just calm down and play your own game. I think it's an advantage that I am used to him.

"I am feeling confident at the moment, that's for sure. To simply get through the qualifiers and then past the first round is key for every player at a grand slam.

"You have to keep knocking on the door and hope it's going to open."