Noble welcomes 'golden ticket'

Salford coach Brian Noble has hailed the "golden ticket" plan of his chairman Marwan Koukash as clubs prepare to bring the marquee player rule into Super League.

A proposal to make a high-profile player exempt from the salary cap is high on the agenda and expected to receive approval from representatives of the 14 clubs who are meeting at Hull's KC Stadium on Wednesday.

Koukash is one of the proponents of the idea, which is seen as a way of reversing the drain of players from Super League to rugby union and the NRL, and wants to take it further by giving clubs the opportunity to sell on their "golden ticket" if they do not wish to make a marquee signing.

"I think it's a brilliant way to get money in the game," Noble said.

"For clubs that don't have the affluence to go out and get their own marquee player, to offer it to someone else, surely it's a mechanism for spreading some money around in the game.

"What a brilliant way to compensate them.

"It's lateral thinking, it's some thinking rugby league has needed for a while in a lot of areas."

Noble signed Wales winger Gareth Thomas in 2010 when he was in charge of Crusaders and is currently being linked with England centre Manu Tuilagi.

"The game needs superstars," Noble said. "In the year Gareth Thomas signed the copy went through the roof.

"We have trouble getting national coverage and, unless we do things out of the box - some innovative things - without breaking the bank of the game - there needs to be a bit of sobriety around finances - then do it.

"If someone wants to spend money on getting some stars in the game, then I'm all for it."