Pearson: Preparation is key

Nigel Pearson is aware of Leicester City's strengths and weaknesses and will prepare them for Premier League tests accordingly.

Having returned to the top flight as Championship winners in 2013/14, expectation levels have risen around the King Power Stadium.

Holding Everton to a 2-2 draw on the opening day, having twice trailed, suggests Leicester are capable of holding their own among English football's elite.

Pearson, though, will not be getting carried away, with it up to him to keep a sense of perspective and Leicester pushing towards a target of consolidation.

He told the Daily Express on his approach to top-level management: \"I captained all the clubs I played for and I might seem calm on the outside, but I'm not always on the inside.

\"But the one thing I want now we are in the Premier League is for our players to enjoy the challenge. I don't want them to go into games fearing anything.

\"We're one of the new clubs in the Premier League. We're not naive. We know that things are different this season.

\"We have quality within the squad. It may not be able to compete week in, week out with the top sides, but it's important that we retain fundamentally what we are about.\"

Pearson added ahead of a run that will see Leicester face Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United in three of their next four Premier League fixtures: \"You've got to make sure that the way you judge your own players is based on what their capabilities are.

\"If you are undone by moments of sheer class, you shouldn't be too hard on your own players.

\"Winning wasn't a bad habit to have last season, but we know things have changed. The bottom line is that I have to prepare and choose the right team for every game.\"