Pirelli renew deal until 2016

Pirelli have officially put pen to paper on a three-year contract renewal to continue as Formula 1's tyre supplier until 2016.

The Italian manufacturer, whose previous three-year F1 supply deal ran out at the end of last year, experienced a difficult 2013 season as their initially fast-degrading tyres caused controversy before a mid-year change, with the firm also expressing frustrations over the sport's testing restrictions.

Although their future in the sport had at one stage appeared uncertain, the FIA announced in September that Pirelli would continue into 2014 and confirmation that a three-year deal has now been agreed with the governing body finally arrived on Thursday.

In what the company says has been a process of ensuring they can "improve levels of safety and performance in Formula One" with the FIA and teams, revisions to the Sporting Regulations from 2014 will see one of the 12 days of pre-season testing exclusively given over to wet-tyre running.

Following the return of in-season testing, each team will also have to dedicate one of their eight days of running over to Pirelli testing to help with the development of the Italian manufacturer's rubber. A maximum of two teams will spend each day of testing focusing on tyre-specific work.

Prior to Christmas, the FIA had also agreed for Pirelli to hold an emergency tyre test in Bahrain with current cars in order to test their prototype 2014 rubber in hot conditions.