Pistorius cross-examined again

Oscar Pistorius has spent a fourth day in the witness box as he gives further evidence at his trial in Pretoria.

The South African Paralympian is on trial for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp but denies the charge and says he shot Steenkamp through a bathroom door because he mistakenly believed she was an intruder.

Pistorius faced a second day of gruelling questioning from prosecutor Gerrie Nel on Thursday.

The prosecution are trying to portray Pistorius as a man who only cared about himself and his public image as an athlete.

"Your life is just about you," said Nel.

He was asked about text messages he sent to 29-year-old model Steenkamp weeks before the shooting last year.

Pistorius said he preferred to talk to his girlfriend rather than send her long text messages. He said that he had never had the chance to say he loved her by text and that he had never screamed or shouted at Steenkamp.

"I have never thrown a tantrum in front of people, maybe I brushed Reeva off," Pistorius said. "I never shouted or screamed at her."

Pistorius also faced a number of questions about a gun that was fired inside a restaurant when he sat with friends one time.

He said that the gun just went off when he checked to see if it was safe and denied pulling the trigger.

The prosecutor directly accused him of lying and claimed this was another example of the athlete not taking responsibility for his actions.

"It is impossible to fire that gun without pulling the trigger," Nel said, adding: "You are lying".


Just before the court adjourned for lunch, Pistorius said that he did not mean to pull the trigger at all on the night he shot dead Steenkamp.

The 27-year-old said: "When I heard a noise, I didn't have time to think and I fired my weapon. It was an accident.

"If Reeva had come out or she had spoken to me I wouldn't have fired. The noise coming from the bathroom made me pull the trigger."

The prosecution has been challenging Pistorius' version of events in the moments before the shooting.

Pistorius told the court of the last time his girlfriend spoke to him and Nel put it to him that what he says happened next was a lie.

The athlete was then asked why he did not see Steenkamp leave the bed and go to the bathroom.

He claimed he did not see Steenkamp leave the bed because it was dark and his back was turned.

Earlier Pistorius said that he was terribly sorry for the death of Steenkamp.

The prosecution claim that the athlete will not accept when he is wrong or made a mistake.

"You just don't want to accept responsibility for anything, Mr Pistorius," Nel said.

The trial has now adjourned until 8.30am on Friday morning UK time.