Pistorius trial adjourned

The Oscar Pistorius murder trial at the High Court in Pretoria has been adjourned until Monday, May 5.

Pistorius was in the dock to hear further evidence from expert witness Roger Dixon on day 25 of his trial for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

The day began with Judge Thokozile Masipa warning a group of spectators in an overspill room as to their conduct for the remainder of the trial.

On hearing some people had 'cheered and booed during the case' she issued a stern warning that any repeat of the behaviour would result in them being asked to leave.

"This is not a place of entertainment, it is not a picnic nest. Stop drinking whatever you are drinking or eating whatever you are eating and please restrain yourself as this is a court," she said.

Forensic expert Dixon faced more tough questioning from prosecutor Gerrie Nel over the defence's version of events in the early hours of the shooting.

Dixon has offered a different sequence for the shots that killed Steenkamp, contradicting testimony by a police ballistics expert and the pathologist who did the autopsy on Steenkamp's body.

The defence witness examined one of Pistorius' prosthetic legs he was wearing on the morning of the shooting, and revealed this was the first time he has seen the prosthetic leg apart from in photographs.

Pistorius covered his ears as he heard Dixon explain the graphic injuries sustained by Steenkamp during the shooting.

The prosecution claim the defence witness disagrees with Pistorius about whether the victim fell onto a magazine rack in the toilet room as she was shot.

Dixon said: "When the deceased fell the magazine rack was there, I do not know what happened to it afterwards. But that wasn't there when Mr Pistorius went in - that is his version of the events. From what I interpret from this magazine rack was in that position."

The defence witness says that he was at Pistorius' house just three days ago on Monday to conduct a light test.

"It's a black-out lining, it doesn't let any light in," he said. "I have seen it during the day, it locks off the bright light.

"But what I could see was when the curtains were open there was quite a lot of light in the room; when the curtains were pulled closed it went extremely dark except for the bottom of the passage leading into the bathroom where there was light coming through the bathroom window."

Pistorius admits shooting his girlfriend - but says he believed she was an intruder. He denies premeditated murder and illegally possessing ammunition and also denies two further counts related to shooting a gun in public on separate occasions prior to the killing.