Plumpton call early check

Monday's meeting at Plumpton will have to pass a 7.30am precautionary inspection if it is to go ahead.

Clerk of the course Mark Cornford found the track to be raceable after an inspection on Sunday morning but feels it best to have another look on raceday morning as showers are forecast.

He said: "The forecast between now and racing is for a shower or two, but it's debateable how much rain we will get. The worst forecast is for another six to eight millimetres, but it can change so much.

"We have a strong wind and that's taken away the surface water from yesterday. The ground is obviously holding water and it will be wet, testing ground but it is raceable in my opinion.

"I think I should give it another 24 hours and if the weather stays as it is, it can only improve and then we might be able to take a little bit more. Obviously the forecast can change but we are giving it every chance."