Rain wreaks Havoc on Grecians

Exeter boss Paul Tisdale says the south west's recent torrential rainfall has played havoc with his side's training.

The region has seen record levels of rain in January and February, forcing two of the Grecians' home games to be postponed and meaning their Cat & Fiddle training ground has been unavailable on a number of occasions.

And Tisdale has been forced into finding alternatives to their grass pitches once again this week ahead of the trip to Southend.

"In terms of training the weather has made it as hard as it could be," he explained.

"We involve the ball as much as possible and you learn to be creative and use your imagination. Ultimately the players will respond if there is some competition and an area of the training which pushes them.

"We haven't had grass pitches to use and so we have been using all-weather surfaces, running and doing other things to try to keep the players as close to match sharpness as possible.

"It is not easy but we have it every year, it has happened every winter since I've been at the club.

"The Cat & Fiddle is a sticky, muddy place in the winter on the best of winters but this year it has been particularly sticky and muddy."