Response disappoints Koukash

Salford Red Devils owner Marwan Koukash has expressed his disappointment at a lack of response from fans to match his ambition.

Koukash has rebranded the club and made no less than 14 signings ahead of the new season in order to bring a new culture and to help transform performances from the Super League strugglers.

The Red Devils have brought in the likes of Rangi Chase, Gareth Hock, Adrian Morley and Tim Smith, although the response from supporters has not been what Koukash expected.

The millionaire racehorse owner believes the likes of Bradford, Widnes and Wakefield are ahead of Salford in terms of season-ticket sales, while he also insists the days of freebies are gone.

"I have certainly delivered in terms of what I promised I would for Salford but the response from fans has not been as good as I expected," he told MEN Sport.

"After having done so much and more, I am bound to be disappointed and frustrated. I am a man of my word - I have brought in new players and raised the club's profile. I made it my business to go out urging more people to become part of what is their club.

On board

"We spent six or seven weeks out and about making people aware of what was happening at Salford and how we needed them on board with us. You expect a good return with what has been done and spent.

"My sources tell me the likes of Bradford, Widnes and Wakefield have already sold more season tickets than we have done. This also disappoints me bearing in mind just how hard everyone associated with the Salford club have been working to promote the club.

"It is time for fans to really show they want a strong competitive side in Salford - I again urge people to give us a chance and become part of the club. Together we can make things happen and fulfil ambitions.

"It is fact the fans' response to what I want from them in return has not been as good as what I had been expecting. It should have been far greater and stronger. It's no use expecting free tickets - those days have gone.

"People now have to get behind this club and support what I am doing for the city and for the sport."