Riga looking for four more

Jose Riga feels Blackpool remain in need of strengthening and says four more additions would make him 'very happy'.

Having inherited a squad of just eight players earlier in the summer, including no senior goalkeeper, Riga has worked hard to piece together a competitive side.

It has, however, been a hard slog for all concerned at Bloomfield Road and results on the field have reflected the struggles off it.

Riga feels that things are starting to come together, though, and believes a further injection of fresh faces will have Blackpool ready to face the challenges which lie ahead.

He said in the Gazette: "I think we need a midfielder, a centre-back, a winger and another striker.

"We maybe need a striker who is a bit different and maybe has more pace, and a powerful type of midfielder.

"So four very good players will make me very happy, and we need it."

Riga added: "I don't want to seem like I'm disrespecting the players we have, because I'm not. That's just the reality, we needed lots of players in and we've done that.

"But we need some more experienced players on the pitch now. It's about quality for us now. Up to this point we've taken players because we needed some.

"When I looked at the CV of each Wigan player before Saturday, we just couldn't compete.

"We can't stay in this situation. It's difficult this situation, that's for sure.

"I want to always be able to compete in this division in every single game.

"I'm hoping that the next day or so will bring some news, and hopefully it's good news."