Robertson wants to end slow play

Neil Robertson has called on snooker's authorities to tackle slow play after a UK Championship disrupted by matches over-running.

The likes of Mark Williams and Jimmy White have seen their games notably delayed, while the first-round clash between Adam Duffy and Barry Pinches ran on until 2.15 on Friday morning.

World number one Robertson fears a drawn-out encounter of his own against Li Hang in round three, and wants the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association to clamp down.

The Australian said: "He's very, very slow. I'm sure he's going to take his time and try to slow it up. Hopefully the match can be adjudicated properly.

"There's some matches this week that have taken five or six hours, which is a bit ridiculous really.

"(WPBSA chairman) Jason Ferguson's talking to a few of the players about it and I think referees need to be given more licence to quicken the players up a bit.

"Hopefully, for the remainder of the tournament we won't have any matches that go for six or seven hours.

"It's not fair on the players who come on - they're meant to be playing at a certain time and they might be waiting another hour, hour and a half to get on.

"In golf, if you're slow you get told to quicken up, so hopefully that can continue in this tournament."