Row erupts in Holland camp

Tom Cooper's late inclusion in the Netherlands cricket squad for the ICC World Twenty20 has sparked controversy after Tim Gruijters - the man he replaced - accused coaching staff of deliberately getting rid of him.

Cooper, an Australian born all-rounder, had been expected to represent South Australia in the Sheffield Shield final but became available for international duty after South Australia failed to make it to the final round.

Gruijters has been suffering with a persistent back injury but claims the problem would not have prevented him from playing the Netherlands' opening game against the United Arab Emirates in Sylhet on Monday.

"It is a fact that I would never have been forced to go for a scan had Tom Cooper not been available," he said.

"I have an injury, but it would not have stopped me playing.

"It's clear that the Dutch coaching staff decided to misuse the rules, hoodwink the ICC, and get Tom Cooper in for me. It's a disgrace."

However, Netherlands team manager Ed Van Nierop disputed Gruijters' version of events, telling Sky Sports News: "The board are looking into it. These are serious allegations and we are considering taking action.

"We followed all protocol. We used local medical staff, two doctors from Bangladesh, they recommended he have an MRI scan. From the scan results the two independent doctors mentioned it would be a risk to field Tim.

"That coincided with Tom Cooper becoming available.

"Tim didn't say anything at the time, he knows he has a back problem, it was a no brainer."