Sandown call Friday check

Sandown will hold an inspection at 8.30am on Friday to determine whether they will stage the scheduled card or an all-chase meeting on Saturday

Three additional events over fences have been programmed to make a provisional all-chase card in an attempt to ensure the fixture goes ahead.

The hurdle course is giving particular cause for concern as happened 12 months ago when a similar contingency plan was out into action.

"We've got to formally inspect the course and decide which route we go down in terms of the programme if the potential outcome is the abandonment of the hurdles programme and we go all-chase," said clerk of the course Andrew Cooper.

"We are obliged to go through the process of an inspection to do so.

"The time enables declarations to be made by trainers tomorrow morning for what the card is going to be. That is why 9am was suggested and we have brought that forward to 8.30. That gives people time to have a proper look at things.

"Wednesday turned out to be an extremely wet day here. We had much more rain than was in any forecast. We had light rain all day and it ended up totalling 17 millimetres. It was better it came light and steady rather than in short bursts in terms of how the ground copes with it.

"There is some waterlogging, but not significant and not conclusive as to its end result.

"The 17mm yesterday just tipped the hurdles course over the edge in the short term, but if you get a dry day you are back to just about raceable.

"We are experiencing a dry day today at the moment. We may stay dry until mid-afternoon tomorrow and then this band of wet weather is still very much in the forecast and 15mm is the average amount that is being suggested.

"We will probably have to hold an inspection on Saturday morning whichever route we go down if that forecast is still holding good.

"In any assessment of raceability of ground, you are assessing the ground as it currently is and then secondly you are looking at the weather forecast for what is to come. It is the combination of those two factors that determine the outcome."