Scolari admits to nerves

Luiz Felipe Scolari has admitted to nerves inside the Brazil camp, but considers that to be normal and nothing to worry about.

The Brazil boss maintains complete trust in his players as they chase down World Cup glory on home soil.

The next obstacle for them to overcome in that quest will be presented by Chile on Saturday as they take in a last-16 encounter in Belo Horizonte.

Scolari concedes that the pressure to deliver success for an expectant fanbase is being felt, but is confident that Brazil can live up to expectations and improve on a steady yet unspectacular showing in the group stage which saw them go unbeaten through three matches and collect seven points.

The 2002 World Cup-winning coach said: \"In the first match, we always feel different, so it's normal for us to feel that we have some problems, something that makes us anxious.

\"But when we start the knockout phase, which is where we can't lose, we can't make a mistake. So then we become more involved in a different manner, slightly more afraid, more nervous. Whatever is normal in a competition.

\"It's not because it's in Brazil. It's because it's a World Cup. There are many psychological aspects.

\"I can't convey my difficulties to them when I am with them. That happens when I am alone, when I am thinking about what to do and how to do it, whether the team is ready or not, what are we going to say or not.

\"That's when I feel a bit alone and unsafe - but when I'm with them, no. That's when I have to convey to them everything that I have already lived, good and bad situations.

\"I have to transmit my confidence. No-one can be at ease. It's impossible.

\"You look at the players' faces before the match and think, 'Yes, it's going to be okay, everything is in place'.

\"But whenever you are starting, you always have that little thing. With players, I'm sure it's the same.\"

Brazil skipper Thiago Silva added: \"None of us Brazilians want to be knocked out. We want to be champions.

\"There is no on or off button. You are constantly thinking about it. Even six months to a year beforehand. I knew this was a different year for us.

\"It's impossible to shut off. It's a complicated situation and we must control our anxiety, how nervous we are, in the best way possible.

\"There is no way not to be emotional. I'm even going to stop talking because I'm a big cry baby and I'm just going to start crying.\"