Sedgefield and Fontwell pass inspections

Sedgefield and Fontwell have passed their morning inspections ahead of Tuesday's scheduled meetings.

Sedgefield were first to confirm the go-ahead having passed their precautionary inspection at 8am.

Clerk of the course Phil Tuck said: "We've got air temperatures of 0.5C, the ground temperature is a bit lower and where it's tarmac it's pretty icy, but on the grass there's just a ground frost and the stick is going straight through."

The first of a seven race card gets underway at 12:20pm.

The prospect of racing at Fontwell was less clear cut as officials needed to look again at 9am after initially being uncertain an hour earlier.

Following the lifting of the frost covers, Clerk of the course Edward Arkell was able to confirm that racing will take place at 12:40pm.