Selby is maximum man

Mark Selby made snooker's 100th maximum break as he took the upper hand early in his UK Championship semi-final against Ricky Walden.

Selby will pocket a rollover 147 jackpot of 55,000, in addition to the tournament high break prize of 4,000, as long as his perfect clearance in the seventh frame is not matched.

The Leicester cueman had to play a superb pot on the brown and roll an extremely difficult final black into the middle pocket to complete the break.

Selby moved 5-2 up in the best-of-17 semi-final with the landmark break, which required a series of brilliant shots on the colours.

The 15 reds and blacks were picked off with minimal fuss, and yellow and green followed.

With brown and blue close together, though, an excellent shot was required to pot the former and run round the table off three cushions for position on the latter.

Stretching for the pink, he went through his full range of cue extensions and grimaced to the crowd and although he knocked the ball securely in, he left the cue-ball tight on the top cushion.

After again playing to the galleries with a mock scream, he settled himself to drop a dead-weight black into the centre pocket.

Selby pumped his fist, clasped hands with Walden in celebration and received a handshake from referee Paul Collier as a packed house at York's Barbican Centre roared their approval.