Sport Pulse archive - April 2012

VIDEO (27/04): There have been many reasons over the years for play to be suspended in a cricket match but a cow causing a delay must surely be a first.

VIDEO (26/04): Is this the greatest three-pointer of all time by Armands Skele? Even he can't quite believe it after the event.

VIDEO (25/04): There's something slightly impressive about being in a scrap on an ice hockey rink and yet still having the time to salute your fans.

VIDEO (24/04): Check out Bath's Sam Vesty celebrating a try before he's even scored it. We think you can probably guess what happened next.

VIDEO (24/04): Basketball player Ron Artest changed his name to World Peace. Which makes this clip of him rather ironic.

VIDEO (24/04): Check out Rory McIlroy trying out a 'Happy Gilmore' - Adam Sandler's famous 'running drive'.

VIDEO (23/04): Here's a short insight into the world of kiteboarding thanks to Britain's Tom Court. In summary, it basically involves jumping off high waves attached to a kite in sunny locations.

VIDEO (23/04): If you've got a spare 10 minutes today, we suggest using it to watch Stephen Hendry roll back the years on the green baize with a maximum 147 break at the World Snooker Championship.

VIDEO (20/04): Darth Vader was never universally renowned for his baseball skills during the original Star Wars trilogy but here he is having a go nonetheless (credit to the Guardian for this one).

VIDEO (19/04): Welcome to the sport of futsal where, it appears, anything goes. Though they take a dim view of kicking people in the head.

VIDEO (17/04):
Pesky pitch invaders might think twice about holding up a rugby match after this bloke in a blonde wig gets taken out by Bath centre Olly Barkley.

VIDEO (10/04): Here's highlights from the bellyflop contest between Australia and New Zealand. In a word, ouch.

STORY (06/04): Luke Donald showed a humorous side to his personality at an awards dinner on the eve of the Masters. The Englishman has struggled to get the coverage of, say, Rory McIlroy so donned a black wig akin to the Northern Irishman with the words "does that feel better?" And then when his interviewer suggested he had adopted American habits, he responded, "Aw shucks, that's awesome, I'm so pumped".

VIDEO (05/04): The Masters kicks off today but here's Augusta with a twist, having been given a crazy golf overhaul by way of a mock preview. It's pretty impressive.

VIDEO (04/04): This stunning hole-in-one by Martin Kaymer came during a practice round for this week's Masters. Kaymer skimmed the water but still found the cup with one rather remarkable swing of the club.

VIDEO (02/04):
If Lionel Messi played lacrosse, we imagine he'd score goals like this.