Sport Pulse archive - February 2012

VIDEO (29/02): Everyone loves a good fluke in snooker. Commentator's nightmare Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon pots a miraculous black which would make John Virgo drool. The Thai player's opponent, Robert Milkins, looks absolutely disgusted.

VIDEO (29/02): Arena football quarterback Joe Ayoob has smashed the world record for the longest paper aeroplane throw. His soaring effort measured in at 226 feet and 10 inches - about 220 feet further than our best attempt so far at Orange HQ.

VIDEO (27/02): The Slam Dunk Contest - highlight of the NBA All-Star weekend - this year featured P Diddy, a motorbike, double dunk and blindfold. Unfortunately not all at the same time, but it still looks good fun.

VIDEO (27/02): Meryl Streep and The Artist may be hogging the Oscars headlines, but 'Undefeated', an inspiring story about a high school American Football team from Memphis, took home the award for best documentary. It's been compared to the critically acclaimed Hoop Dreams which can only be a good thing. Here's what all the fuss is about.

VIDEO (22/02): Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi is better known for his heavy hitting with a cricket bat but it turns out he's a bit of a dab hand at table tennis, well, at least at spinning a table tennis ball. It has to be said, it's a bit of an odd, manufactured clip.

VIDEO (21/02): David Haye and Dereck Chisora's brawl may have included flying fists, glass bottles and a camera tripod. But it was missing a Larry Holmes drop kick from the top of a car (fast forward to 1:36).

VIDEO (20/02): This is not something that happens every day. Phil Mickelson hits a wayward tee shot during this weekend's golfing action, which land in the shorts of a spectator.

VIDEO (17/02): Either Dereck Chisora has a death wish, or these two aren't selling enough tickets. Watch Vitali Klitschko get a slap across the chops at the weigh-in.

VIDEO (15/02): And while we're on Sports Illustrated, here's golfer Natalie Gulbis in her own shoot for the magazine wearing just body paint, and not a bogey in sight.

VIDEO (15/02): One is a famous tennis player, the other is a famous model, both are wearing very few clothes. Anyway, here's Rafael Nadal and Bar Rafaeli being filmed for a Sports Illustrated shoot.

STORY (14/02): Andy Murray has started the tennis season in some style and some of that is being credited to his border terriers Maggie May and Rusty. Here, somewhat unbelievably, they are profiled.

VIDEO (10/02): The first rule of basketball is to know which direction you're going in. That way, you won't score points for the opposition. Got to feel for this lad after this particular howler (skip to 0:40).

VIDEO (09/02): Nice to see some impartial reporting from American sports broadcaster Al Trautwig after his beloved New York Rangers suffer a controversial defeat.

VIDEO (09/02): Niall O'Connell releases some rallying road rage as he gets caught up in traffic. Warning - this clips involves bad language.

VIDEO (08/02): This has got to go down as one of the more unconvincing, dare we say (gasp!) staged fights at a pre-match weigh-in between New Zealand rugby union player Sonny Bill Williams and Clarence Tillman. Williams went on to knock out Tillman in the first round, to win the vacant New Zealand Professional Boxing Association belt.

VIDEO (07/02): Whichever PR merchant set up Carol Vorderman sparring with Nathan Cleverly while wearing a red cocktail dress should take a bow. Still got it.

VIDEO (07/02): Ever wondered what it's like to do motocross? Well, wonder no more. Check out this onboard clip to find out just how a five-minute race feels. Pretty bonkers is the answer.

VIDEO (03/02): Here's a challenge for you - try not to laugh while watching this clip of a cross-country skier at the start of a race who falls flat on his face twice. Whoever he is, thanks for cheering up our Friday.

VIDEO (02/02): Now we love a good pointless sporting clip and this falls into that category. Here's the first ever front flip performed on a snowmobile. It's worth pointing out that the machines weigh half a tonne each and, if it lands on you, it's going to hurt.

VIDEO (02/02): Sticking with pointless, watch this world record attempt for the number of water skiers all in a line. For what it's worth, there are 145. Just you try and count them.

VIDEO (01/02): If you thought Dodgeball was good, it's got nothing on this latest sporting craze in the US... Ultimate Tazer Ball. Basically it seems to involve electrocuting each other as well as rugby tackling and giant balls. In short, it's mental.

VIDEO (01/02): People celebrate victories in all sorts of different ways. Here's horse trainer Peter Casey in a live television interview, explaining his post-race plans after his first big win. It's worth pointing out there's a bit of bad language in here.

STORY (01/02): It seems an unlikely match but it turns out that British tennis starlet Laura Robson is a big fan of life on the oche. Ahead of her Fed Cup match, she said straight faced it would seem: "You can learn a lot from a darts player. I particularly like watching when they choke. It sounds horrible but it just makes it that much more exciting."