Sport Pulse archive - January 2012

VIDEO (31/01): Car plays ice hockey and scores two goals. Brand placement is a mere coincidence. Quite impressive actually

VIDEO (31/01): Graeme McDowell takes an unusual route in landing his iron shot close to the flag. Clearly misreading the distance to the pin, he smacks it against the advertising hoarding - with positive results.

VIDEO (25/01): Andrew Sheridan announced yesterday that he is set to leave Sale for a spell in France. But here's the hard man of the England front row showing his rather softer side singing a song written by him, Where We Go From Here. Unless it's a rhetorical question, the answer's Toulon.

VIDEO (20/01): Cedrik-Marcel Stebe, despite having the perfect bug splatter in his hand, gets a terrified ballgirl to remove an insect from the court at the Australian Open. The big girl's blouse.

VIDEO (20/01): Mmm, we're not quite sure if this is a sport but here's what appears to be the craze of stacking and unstacking plastic cups really fast. Amazingly, there's enough of the these stacking clips to make a top 10 (thanks to the Guardian website for this one).

VIDEO (20/01): We fear that Swiss tennis player Stanislas Wawrinka might be getting a reputation among the line judges at the Australian Open for his wandering hands.

VIDEO (19/01): Who thinks Marcos Baghdatis might have some anger-management issues? Here he is in action at the Australian Open, smashing four tennis racquets on the trot - judging by the noise, the crowd absolutely love it.

VIDEO (18/01): Even basketball bashers will enjoy this one. With two seconds left on the clock and his college side two points down, Chase Spreen hurls the ball the length of the court in an outrageous bid to snatch an unlikely victory. Shoot from there? Pfft. Don't be silly...

VIDEO (18/01): Here's Ducati duo Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden trying out stunts on a snowmobile, a motorbike and, most impressively of all, on snowboards. Their snowboarding is impressive, well, until you get to the very end of the clip.

VIDEO (18/01): For those of you that played the game from a young age, do you remember how good you were at the age of six. Chances are nowhere near as good as this lad, Charlie Allison. His technique would suggest he might fare a little better in Dubai than England's current crop of internationals against Pakistan.

VIDEO (16/01): Zola Budd is returning to running action - to take part in a marathon - nearly three decades after her infamous collision with the American Mary Decker. Anyway, it seems like a good time to wheel out that old footage. There's some cracking 1980s hairstyles in there.

VIDEO (12/01): No doubt this chap spends a fortune on headache tablets. Can he possibly be climbing up stairs with his head? You bet he can (via The Guardian).

VIDEO (12/01): If this ridiculous rally is anything to go by, The Pulse is going to put a late bid in for some Olympic volleyball tickets. Bonkers.

VIDEO (12/01): We've all been there. You're an awkward teenager trying to impress your mates/a girl down the ten-pin bowling alley. And you do this. This guy, however, is supposed to know what he's doing.

VIDEO (10/01): Dereck Chisora turned up for his press conference in the Only Fools and Horses Robin Reliant to promote his upcoming fight with Vitali Klitschko. His nickname is Del Boy, just in case you needed an explanation.

VIDEO (10/01): If, like me, you've always wanted to know how to ride a motorbike over some skips, then here's Toni Bou to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

VIDEO (09/01): If you (somehow) missed footage of the incredible catch in the New Zealand T20 competition over the weekend, then here it is. Bevan Small and Michael Mason are the men responsible for quite the most incredible catch you'll ever see.

VIDEO (09/01): Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson left the Arizon Cardinals literally staring at the clouds, by completing a sensational somersault touchdown.

VIDEO (06/01): This is just fantastic. A dumpy 59-year-old woman called Brenda who has never held an ice hockey stick in her life manages to hit a puck into a miniscule gap from the halfway line to win a car. Incredible.

VIDEO (06/01): A man proposing to his girlfriend live on the big screen at a US basketball game. What a sweet moment. How romantic. Surely she'll tearfully and joyfully accept? Or perhaps not.

VIDEO (05/01): A top 10 male tennis player really shouldn't be getting aced by a woman, even if it is Caroline Wozniacki. Step forward Mardy Fish at the Hopman Cup, and cue lots of laughter from the commentators.

VIDEO (05/01): The World Bombing Championships are currently taking place in Auckland. There's no footage from the event as yet but check out some of the best action from last year. That such an event exists is one of life's great wonders.

STORY (05/01): Castleford full-back Richie Owen is in trouble with the law after an alleged brawl with none other than Father Christmas. Quite why the fight broke out in Pontefract town centre is unknown. Reports that Owen was unhappy with his presents are unconfirmed!! Read all about it

STORY (04/01): A study has found that watching erotic videos can apparently aid a rugby player's performance. A report in The Times showed that 12 unnamed professional players "from a top English rugby union team" were shown a four-minute clip of exotic dancing or an Ultimate Fighting Championship bout before training, both of which raised their levels of performance.

VIDEO (02/01): Now this year's PDC World Darts Championships has had more drama in it than an episode of EastEnders. Big guns being knocked out early, incredible final leg shootouts and now wind stops play in an indoor arena! See how this bizarre stoppage unfolded in the thrilling semi-final between Adrian Lewis and James Wade.

VIDEO (29/12): We do like a mass brawl at The Pulse. Bonus points awarded if they involve players, staff and fans and are caused by something as innocuous as a water bottle. When one is thrown at a striker as he's clean through on goal, it causes mayhem at an Iranian league five-a-side match.

VIDEO (28/12): A day after a cameraman's embarrassing public crash off his segway at the MCG that saw Brad Haddin and Michael Clarke jump out of their skin, Ian Healey has a go on a two-wheeler and makes a right mess of the MCG outfield.

VIDEO (28/12): Sticking with cricket, study this video closely between 18 and 27 secs and look for a central figure singing and swinging his head with cherubic enthusiasm. Recognise him? Here's a further clue. If you're still struggling here's the answer.

VIDEO (23/12): This is Andy Roddick as you've never seen him before. The former world No.1 raps on stage with 'Bobby Bones' while wearing a truly appalling Christmas jumper and swigging from a bottle of beer. Hard to imagine Roger Federer doing the same.

VIDEO (21/12): If looks could kill... Check out this spectator as he drops his young daughter in his desperation to catch a baseball hit into the stand. Then wait until the end to see his wife's reaction. No words are necessary.

VIDEO (21/12): American football throws up all sorts of intricate, pre-planned moves but this one has got to be a first. Classic.

VID (20/12): This may well be the first time that table tennis has featured on the Pulse but it's been worth the wait. Some clever clogs has put together the top 10 shots of the year for you to slobber over. Number nine is our personal favourite.

VID (19/12): You'd think that the safest time to be on an American football pitch would be after the game. Apparently not. While being interviewed following his team's win, Spring Dekaney head coach Willie Amendola and several bystanders are mowed down by an electric runaway cart.

VID (14/12): Can taekwondo ever be described as 'cute'? This particular fight certainly can. It's like an action replay of the first round between David Haye and Audley Harrison.

VID (13/12): Kim Clijsters sparks a security alert at an exhibition match in Antwerp by climbing up to the umpire's chair and inviting members of the crowd to kiss her doubles partner. Several lust-crazed enthusiasts take her offer a bit too seriously.

VID (13/12): He may skip along the baseline with unrivalled athleticism, but an appearance on Strictly Come Dancing still looks unlikely for Rafael Nadal on this evidence.

PIC (12/12): Shane Warne's comeback for Melbourne Stars in the Big Bash may be put on hold. His games of lovey-dovey pat-a-cake with Liz might be a little more awkward too, after this nasty cooking accident.

VID (12/12): Is frisbeeing a sport? As with last week's dubious fishing clip, we're once again answering 'yes', purely to shoe-horn in a quite spectacular viral video.

VID (12/12): Caroline Wozniacki does her best Serena Williams impression at a recent exhibition match.

VID (09/12): It's raining teddy bears as hockey fans cover the ice with over 25,000 cuddly toys during the annual Calgary Hitmen Teddy Bear Toss. Spotter's badge if you can spot the yellow-furred Pikachu.

VID (09/12): Here's a nicely shot video of a skier tackling the melting snow in his neighbourhood, leaping off trucks and the like in the process. We're not quite sure of the point of it or if in fact it's sport but it looks good so who cares.

VID (08/12): A fight breaks out amongst a group of spectators at a club rugby match in New Zealand. The players, naturally, decide to join in. One of them even wades in brandishing a wooden pole. Perhaps a bit of music would calm them all down?

VID (08/12): Exactly how much of a lunatic do you have to be to skateboard down a bobsleigh track? You'll have to ask Danny Strasser and the equally fearless/stupid cameraman.

VID (08/12): Check out this incredible near miss as a cyclist careers round a sharp bend into the path of two motorbikes and a car.

VID (08/12): Check out what happened when the 'Bladerunner' Oscar Pistorius took on British triathlete Jonny Brownlee on his bike in a straight head to head.

VID (06/12): Rafael Nadal - not renowned for his sense of humour, is he? David Ferrer is the victim of a rare moment of Rafa hilarity while on Davis Cup duty with Spain. Have a look.

VID (05/12): Is fishing a sport? We'll say yes, purely for the purpose of shoe-horning in this gem of a clip. A Sardinian fisherman gets speared by a swordfish he has just caught.

STORY (05/12): England No.8 Nick Easter has been revealed as the player that said "that's 35,000 down the toilet" in the wake of the World Cup quarter-final defeat to France. The Harlequins back-row forward has insisted he is not a mercenary and that the remark was simply "gallows humour".

VID (02/12): Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson celebrates his touchdown against the New York Jets by mimicking Plaxico Burress, who accidentally shot himself in the leg and was cautioned by the police as a result.