The Sport Pulse - June 2012

VIDEO (29/06): Be warned, this contains graphic content which will make your stomach churn. Bulgaria's Georgi Kirilov Georgiev breaks his leg while running in the heats of the 100m at the European Championships. Ow. Ow. Ow.

VIDEO (26/06): All tennis-ing eyes may be on Wimbledon but it's not the only sporting draw involving Andy Murray. Check out the Scot taking on Keith Lemon at "Swingballdon".

VIDEO (25/06): Comic Rory Bremner takes over as the voice of cricket with this flawless impresson of commentator David "Bumble" Lloyd.

VIDEO (18/06): David Nalbandian loses his rag in the AEGON Championship final which cost him the title and a few pennies for this kick which injured a linesman. Ouch.

VIDEO (15/06): He may be in his 70s, but golfing legend Jack Nicklaus shows he hasn't lost a trick by holing this monster 102-foot putt.

VIDEO (14/06): We're not quite sure this American stock-car racer did to upset this chap but it was enough for him to drive over the infield, smashed into his car and then launch into full-blown fisticuffs. It'd be fair to say the crowd lap it up.

VIDEO (13/06): We're not sure if this is unwittingly or not but Rafael Nadal pulls down the towel of a fellow player, Fabio Fognini at Roland Garros just moments before going out on court to play his latest match at last week's French Open.

VIDEO (08/06):
This weekend's marks the Blenheim Triathlon and the return from injury of Alistair Brownlee. It's unlikely that he'll do this over the course like Joe Salter, who recently completed an entire triathlon while, er, juggling.

VIDEO (08/06): In short, here's how to catch a baseball, Japanese style. Why he's not mobbed in celebration by his teammates after that gravity-defying effort is beyond us. (credit to the Guardian)

VIDEO (06/06): Roger Federer's known for being ice cool on the tennis court but not so during yesterday's tiebreak against Juan Martin del Potro. Clearly annoyed by some fans at Roland Garros, he shouts out "shut up". Anyway, it appeared to do the trick as Federer went on to win in five sets.

VIDEO (05/06): New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady may be one of the highest-earning sports star in the world, but he doesn't mind getting ridiculed by a Screech lookalike in an advert. His acting's not bad either.

VIDEO (01/06): Here's one way to grab a free bike. Just stand by the side of the road in your underpants like this chap did at the Giro d'Italia.

VIDEO (31/05): We all thought we were the bee's knees when we could do bunny hops on a BMX. These boys have a few more tricks in their lockers. Think the young 'uns call it sick.

VIDEO (30/05): Here's one way to catch a rugby ball as Tendai Mtawarira lofts team-mate Anton Bresler into the air to gain possession. It's no wonder they call Mtawarira "The Beast".

VIDEO (25/05): The best name for a race horse EVER makes this one of the most amusing race commentaries you could possibly wish to hear.

STORY (22/05): A golfer in Germany has been arrested after drunkenly taking to the streets of Cologne and using the historic city as a golf course. He was taken into custody after hitting a taxi with one of his errant drives.

VIDEO (17/06): We think South African cricketer AB de Villiers had one of those days where he was in a bad mood and decided to take it out on a cricket ball. The result was 47 runs from a mere 17 balls.

VIDEO (14/05): This is a wonderfully pointless video but it's European Challenge Tour players attempting to hit an eight iron after spinning around 15 times.

VIDEO (14/05): We're used to Americans shouting "in the hole" at golfing events but this spectator outburst to Tiger Woods is a new one. We're not quite sure what "light the candle" means.

VIDEO (11/05): We've featured some fine fielding on these pages before but Steven Smith is rightly being called 'Superman' for this heroic stop in the IPL.

VIDEO (09/05): If this doesn't inspire you to rummage through your garage for a frisbee you then nothing will. What. A. Catch.

VIDEO (08/05): This is one of the most bizarre rugby tries you'll ever see. That is all.

VIDEO (04/05): Here's a compilation of top 10 plays from the season. No.2 is ridiculous! We think Green must have springs in his shoes because his head gets above the rim of the hoop!