Sport Pulse archive - March 2012

VIDEO (30/03): Mick Pennisi may be a man mountain but he goes down quicker than Didier Drogba when a basketball is bounced on his head.

VIDEO (29/03):
Probably best not to try this at home as Andrew Dickey shows off some insane parkour style tricks on his bike around Melbourne.

VIDEO (29/03): Paul 'Tiny' Sturgess is so tall at 7 foot 8 inches he doesn't even need to jump to dunk.

STORY (29/03): Tiger Woods would undoubtedly love for his past indiscretions to go away but that doesn't look like happening any time soon with the news that three of his former mistresses are making a film called '3 Mistresses: Notorious Tales of the World's Greatest Golfer'. Not the best preparation for the Masters, eh Eldrick?

VIDEO (27/03): Have you ever tried to do a prank that's gone hideously wrong? Well, here's Caroline Wozniacki trying to burst a balloon in a bid to scare Maria Sharapova during a TV interview. Instead, the Dane was left looking red-faced.

VIDEO (27/03):
NHL side the Boston Bruins have opted for a retro feel to get their fans on side. The team have filmed a 1980s-style sitcom and here's the trailer. We've no idea who the players are but it's a nice touch.

VIDEO (27/03):
Rising tennis star Bernard Tomic is struggling in this particular tennis match so what does he do. He asks for his coach, who happens to be his father, to be forcibly removed by the umpire. It starts from about the 90-second mark of this clip. Christmas at the Tomic family home must be a laugh.

VIDEO (26/03):
Great try from Danny Cipriani, but he then ruins it with this horrendous celebration.

VIDEO (26/03): Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi appears to have taken his nickname 'Boom Boom' a little too literally after punching a fan at Karachi Airport.

STORY (26/03):
A Swedish hockey game had to be delayed after explicit toys were chucked onto the ice. The hostile crowd, who also held up a giant inflatable penis, were apparently taunting player Jan Huokko after a video of him and his girlfriend was allegedly distributed over the Internet when his phone was stolen earlier this year.

VIDEO (22/03): This is, quite frankly, absolutely terrifying. This guy is hurtling down an extremely narrow path on his mountain bike with what looks like a very nasty drop to his right. Balls of steel clearly.

VIDEO (20/03): Dust-ups are ten a penny in ice hockey (how brave of them with all that padding!), but check out the garnish that surrounds this one during Toronto Maple Lefas v Boston Bruins: the 'fight stats' flashed up on screen, appreciative stick-banging by the substitutes and warm post-scrap applause from the crowd. Why not just go and watch boxing?

VIDEO (20/03): As Orange CC gets ready to dust off the pads and gives the team box a quick wipe ahead of a new season, this stunning catch by India's Suresh Raina should provide some inspiration for a busy summer of sweaty toil ahead.

VIDEO (16/03): Now we all like a new sport, especially when it's rather random. Here's introducing the sport of shuttlecock, which is basically badminton but solely with the feet. It has to be said there are some very impressive moves here.

VIDEO (14/03): Here's Andy Murray whopping out a bit of acting in an advert for Head. He contemplates how his life might have panned out had he not been a tennis player by imagining life as a barber, chef and rock star. Judging by his own barnet, it's best he rules out the hairdressing for a start.

STORY (14/03): Sticking with tennis, Michael Llodra clearly has an innovative PR team behind him. The Frenchman found himself in a 'race row' after apparently calling a Korean-American spectator a "Chinese whore". His response was to issue this statement: "I love the Chinese. I can totally make love with a Chinese girl."

VIDEO (09/03): It'd be fair to say that none of us at Orange HQ could bust a move quite like this kid at this age, or even now for that matter. Check him out at a Vancouver Canucks game all played out on the big screen at the game.

VIDEO (08/03): World No.1 James Willstrop and former world champion Peter Nicol send staff diving for cover as they play squash in the middle of a busy office.

VIDEO (08/03): An unbelievable catch here in the recent CB Series in Australia - what's most impressive is the sheer nonchalance of Sri Lanka bowler Rangana Herath's celebration.

VIDEO (07/03): It's the race everyone's been waiting for surely - Prince Harry versus Usain Bolt on a 100m track complete with the pair doing the Lightning Bolt pose at the end of it on the Prince's trip to Jamaica.

VIDEO (07/03):
Here's Andy Roddick in action in an exhibition match against Roger Federer but playing as if he's Rafael Nadal if that makes any sense. Not a bad impersonation as it happens.

VIDEO (07/03):
Mario Cipollini is hoping to come out of retirement to compete at the London Olympics. In his pomp, he was the Mark Cavendish of his day. But did Cavendish ever do this? Unlikely...

VIDEO (06/03): After becoming world No.1 at the weekend, Rory McIroy decided to mark the occasion by watching his girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki play in an exhibition tennis match against Maria Sharapova. The only problem was he got roped into taking on Sharapova on court.

VIDEO (01/03): You have gotta love ice hockey. Obviously the sport itself is rubbish, but the strops and scrapping is great. Neil Warnock's technical area eruptions are made to look like the feeble protestations of a shy schoolgirl compared to this guy - it's Toledo coach Nick Vitucci.