Sport Pulse archive - November 2011

STORY (30/11): Talk about a protective dad. The father of French international Imanol Harinordoquy brought the Basque derby between Biarritz and Bayonne to a halt after running onto the pitch to defend his son during a punch-up. Update (02/12/11): And NOW with video!

VID (30/11): All aboard the AC Milan fun bus, or rather train, as Brazilian trio Robinho, Pato and Thiago Silva enjoy a sing-a-long Samba style. And watch out for Clarence Seedorf using an enormous red telephone in the background.

VID (29/11): Some sporting rivalries run deep and last a lifetime. Check out this footage of two Canadian gridiron opponents, both now in their 70s, who are reunited at a CFL Alumni Legends Luncheon in Vancouver. Forgive and forget? Not a chance.

VID (29/11): You can only pull this sort of thing off in a computer game, surely? Apparently not. Step forward Marius Zaromskis from the rather superbly named Rumble of the Kings 2011.

VID (25/11): Lauren Alaina, the American Idol runner up (it says here), was given the honour of singing the US national anthem before the Thanksgiving showdown between the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers. The result? Why, how did you guess? Epic fail.

VIDEO (25/11): Revelations from England's Rugby World Cup campaign have made them such a global laughing stock, the events have even been turned into this surreal animation.

VID (24/11): It's an oldie but a goldie - and well worth watching through to the end as Freddie Starr scares the living daylights out of Muhammad Ali.

PIC (24/11): First there was Tim Henman and then Andy Murray. But it looks like Britain might have a new tennis star. Step forward none other than Rio Ferdinand...

VID (24/11): There's been some cracking cricket catches over the years but this one's right up there. It's difficult to know who's more excited, the player himself or the commentators.

VID (24/11): The Bryan brothers look dead and buried in this rally the other day at the O2 in London but one of the twins hits back with a winner between the legs.

VID (23/11): Here's one way of looking back at the Super League season - a packed highlights programme all made using Lego. It's imaginative stuff.

VID (23/11): Pile-on! The Baltimore Ravens and Cincinatti Bengals scramble for the ball - leaving this hapless NFL referee squashed at the bottom.

VID (23/11): Someone send Trinny and Susannah over to Samir Nasri's chateau to burn these hideous multi-coloured heart underpants.

STORY (22/11): Samoa rugby manager Mathew Vaea has been fined 100 pigs by his village for allegations that he misbehaved at the Rugby World Cup. He has been ordered to hand over 530 complete with an apology to the elders of his village. He was accused of disappearing during the tournament to go drinking with friends. RFU - watch and learn!

VID (21/11): We may not be experienced ice skaters here at the Pulse, but even Bambi could have scored this open goal which Craig Smith from the Nashville Predators somehow manages to miss from point-blank range. The commentators can't stop laughing - and even Smith's team-mate is struggling to keep a straight face.

VID (21/11): Ravens rookie wide receiver Torrey Smith might consider getting a haircut after being denied a touchdown by this unorthodox tackle.

VID (17/11): All credit to Japan. It has a history of some bizarre antics but this surely takes the biscuit. It's a tribute to the sport of yukigassen, which is a rather grander way of saying snowball fight.

VID (17/11): Someone has very kindly put together a package of Australia being all out for 47. All we can say is thank you.

VID (15/11): Floyd Mayweather Sr may be in his early sixties, but he can still pack a punch. The old man completely dominates this young whipper-snapper who appears to throw a sucker punch when Mayweather has his back turned towards the end of this clip. Big mistake as one of Mayweather's henchmen jumps in and delivers a beatdown of his own.

VID (11/11): Every fighter has their own walk-in, be it in the world of boxing or UFC. But one thing you don't expect to see is a fighter reading the Daily Telegraph before stepping into the ring.

VID (10/11): Insane action from the water as a fearless surfer sets a new world record after riding a mammoth 90ft wave in Portugal.

VID (10/11): Here's one way of keeping the ball in play in rugby union... just use your head.

VID (09/11): Well, we're not entirely convinced it's sport but it's impressive nonetheless. Here's introducing Tomas Zongya, from the Czech Republic, showing off his admirable parkour talents on a recent visit to the UK. Quite mesmerising.

VID (09/11): The Rugby World Cup had nothing on this chap. This is how to rugby tackle.

VID (08/11): Fed up with getting flak from his team's fans, a Russian ice hockey coach leaps from the bench and starts whacking members of the crowd with a stick. Then has a good old chuckle about it.

VID (04/11): Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's high school running back KJ Dillon who scores an impressive Superman touchdown.

VID (03/11): Would you like to see a compilation of pitch invaders getting pulverised by nasty spear-tackles from muscular, aggressive stewards? Well, of course you would!

VID (03/11): Crrraaazy three-pointer! Rudy Fernandez is hustled off court in a Spanish basketball game and desperately hurls the ball back into play as he falls. You'll never guess where it lands.

VID (03/11): This is an old clip, but worth exhuming. Poor old Ishant Sharma comes in at No.11 with India on the verge of defeat to Australia, only to be confronted by the most attacking field in cricket history.

VID (03/11): Here's how you ride a BMX bike courtesy of a few New Yorkers at a Halloween-themed event in Brooklyn.

VID (03/11): You've got a frisbee and a bin, so what do you do? Well, if you're these lads then an array of very impressive trick shots.

STORY (02/11): He may have been a day late but world No.1 Novak Djokovic got in the spirit of Halloween by donning a scary mask as he came out on court for his opening-round encounter against Xavier Malisse in Basel on Tuesday.

STORY (02/11): Swedish rally driver Per-Gunnar Andersson was forced to pull off an emergency pitstop while driving his wife to hospital when she went into labour. The two-time junior world rally champion had to stop at the side of the road and help deliver the baby. Andersson predicted his son Alvin might yet follow in his motoring footsteps following the nature of his birth. He said: "He seems to have it in his genes."