Sport Pulse archive - October 2011

VID (31/10): You invade a football pitch at your peril in Romania, and don't do your chances of getting away with it by clobbering a player while you're at it.

VID (28/10): Extreme trampolining, maaan! This bloke makes bouncing up and down look very cool indeed. Here he is doing it again. Don't try this at home, kids.

VID (27/10): Rabobank are one of the best cycling teams in the world, and this clip shows them pedalling their hearts out on a training ride. The only problem is that a Dutch postman, with his sacks apparently full of mail, nonchalantly rides alongside them.

VID (27/10): Quite what possessed British discus thrower Brett Morse, who recently made the World Championship final, to do this is quite beyond us. Here's the bulky Welshman doing an impromptu routine to an S Club tune. Extraordinary's the only word for it.

VID (27/10): Wales' Gareth Thomas announced his retirement from all forms of rugby earlier this week. Here's the best bits from the union-turned-league player.

VID (26/10): World Series game four beween the Rangers and the Cardinals was interrupted briefly by a members of the ground staff breaking into an impromptu breakdance. You know what, he wasn't half bad either.

VID (24/10): Check out the Schleck brothers being interviewed by a Japanese reporter, well, actually a Dutch woman called Wendy van Dijk who pretends to be a reporter called Ushi. She's a bit like Holland's answer to Ali G and interviews celebrities, among them Pamela Anderson and bizarrely Jamie Oliver. Anyway, here she interviews the cycling brothers...

VID (21/10): Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the sport of cycleball. We can assure you you've never seen anything like it, particularly the action around the three-minute mark on this clip.

VID (21/10): Bradley Walsh, host of quiz show The Chase, cracks up after asking which sport the superbly named Fanny Chmelar competes for Germany.

VID (20/10): American Brian Sutherland gives a masterclass in boxing. This clip is supremely funny - from the mullet to the mickey-taking foreign commentators, Sutherland's boxing style, the bemused laughter by his opponent and the manner of the knockdown. Priceless.

VID (20/10): Kadour Ziani likes kicking. Very, very high kicking. How on earth he found out he has this talent, we have no idea. It's utterly pointless but he's good at it.

VID (18/10): NBA stars LeBron James and Kobe Bryant get the Sesame Street treatment in a new ad for Nike.

VID (13/10): The only word in this entire video we understand is 'Guinness'. Don't let that put you off though. It's worth watching for our skipping heroine's hilarious grimacing face as she reaches the last few seconds of her world record attempt. Gurn baby gurn!

STORY (13/10): There are cheats at every level of sport, even in the Kielder Marathon. Rob Sloan finished third overall but it later transpired he'd hopped on a bus at the 20-mile mark and then hidden behind a tree before sprinting to a podium finish. Naughty.

VID (13/10): Check out this nine-darter 501 from Ireland's Brendan Dolan. Competing in front of his home crowd in Dublin, the Irish fans go bonkers while Dolan looks as though he does it every day.

VID (12/10): Mountain bikers are used to all sorts of obstacles but getting wiped out by a giant antelope at high-speed must be a first.

VID (12/10): Usman Ahmed is one of the eight Super Flyweight contenders in tonight's Prizefighter competition. Let's hope this time he can justify his flamboyant ring walk and avoid being brutally knocked out in the first round - a combination of both made 'Uzzy' an internet sensation last year.

VID (11/10): Blimey - this is quite a crash and ensuing fire. Amazingly, the driver in question in Bathurst walks away unscathed.

VID (11/10): Ever wondered what it's like to ride a lap of Brands Hatch at full tilt on a motorbike? Well, this is about as close as most of us will ever get. It's dizzying...

VID (11/10): This advert could become very irritating. It's loads of random members of the public singing Europe's The Final Countdown as British long jumper Chris Tomlinson runs along in an advert for Dairy Milk.

VID (11/10): Here's the tale of one woman giving birth after running the Chicago Marathon recently. Some might say it was a tad reckless to compete in the event while 39 weeks pregnant.

STORY (11/10): French side Bayonne will allow fans in for half-price at their next match against Montpellier - but only if they are sporting a moustache. The publicity stunt in inspired by France head coach Marc Lievremont who has not shaved since losing a bet at the World Cup to defence coach David Ellis.

VID (11/10): All Blacks legend Andrew Mehrtens finally meets his match after taking on three robots in a goal-kicking challenge in New Zealand.

VID (10/10): This is a clip from a very cheesy new Bollywood film about cricket. But, hang on, who's the bald chap with the big nose making a cameo appearance? Could it be Nasser Hussain? Why, I believe it could. Scroll forward, and, look! Gooch! Gower! Pure gold.

PIC (10/10): We at the Sport Pulse can only imagine Martin Johnson's delight at being told of Manu Tuilagi's jump off a ferry in Auckland harbour, just hours before England's departure from New Zealand. He was detained by police and fined by the RFU. Here are the pics

STORY (10/10): Bizarre sporting antics didn't end there overnight. As Tiger Woods lined up a putt on the seventh green at the Open in California, he was disturbed by a spectator yelling, "Tiger! Tiger!" The man proceeded to throw a hot dog on to the green, then laid down with his hands on his head before being pounced upon by stewards. "It wasn't a chilli dog - that could have been bad," said director of security Dan Higgins. Yes, we've heard those chilli dogs can really sting.

VID (07/10): There are worse jobs in the world than being a casting director for the official Barcelona cheerleading team. CSKA Moscow's are rather appealing too.

STORY (07/10): Away from blatant lechery, the ever-rewarding OffThePost website have come up with a football-related tribute to late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

PICS (06/10): ESPN has launched a gallery in its latest US magazine called Bodies We Want 2011, which is a shameless parade of sports stars in the buff, such as Aussie surfer Stephanie Gilmore. Vera Zvonareva's number 24 if you'd like to skip all the people you've never heard of.

VID (06/10): How do you celebrate signing a multi-million-pound new contract with McLaren? Well, if you're Jenson Button, you help make a pudding in a Japanese restaurant close to where your girlfriend Jessica Michibata lives. Cue lots of odd sounds effects and a slightly annoying cheer from said girlfriend.

VID (05/10): Your golf ball's in the water so what do you do? In the case of Bill Haas, you pull off an unbelievable chip shot to leave you just a few feet from the hole, and the commentators in awe.

VID (04/10): Olympic hopefuls have different ways of spending their time off. For long jumper Chris Tomlinson, he opted to appear in an advert his wife was filming for a recruitment firm. He's the one in the hard hat. Not sure about his acting skills though...

VID (04/10): Could this be the fastest goal ever? Little-known Michail Osinov may be about to hit the record books after scoring straight from kick-off in the third-tier of Russian football last month.

VID (03/10): Are you new to rugby and struggling to get to grips with the rules of the game? Well, never fear. A bunch of models from Lynx Australia are here on hand to guide you through everything you need to know. It's very informative!

PIC (03/10): An angler caught the biggest catch of his life - when he accidentally hooked his 15 stone friend in the mouth.

VID (03/10): Some goal celebrations are instrinctive, others are pre-rehearsed. And then there's this one from Sweden - featuring a wig, bandana and a broom stashed behind an advertising board. Who says footballers have too much time on their hands?