Sports sweat on new funding

Britain's Olympic and Paralympic sports are to find out their levels of funding for the Rio de Janeiro Games in 2016.

UK Sport will reveal the critical four-year programme on Tuesday afternoon with those sports who disappointed in London this summer sweating over slashed budgets.

Swimming failed to meet its Olympic target and faces a cut under UK Sport's policy of rewarding success, while cycling, rowing, athletics, judo and canoeing can expect a financial boost after surpassing their medal and performance targets.

The Government has already announced that overall funding for elite sport will be maintained at pre-London levels, but this new announcement will centre on how the money is divided up.

It is a worrying time for a sport like swimming which won only three medals at London 2012 after UK Sport set a target of five to seven. They have already had three years of funding withheld until it can prove its new blueprint to increase numbers is working.

Tennis has also had funding frozen unless the sport can improve its plan to boost participation.

Sport England chief executive Jennie Price said: "Tennis has not performed well in terms of participation and is broadly flat though it got a bit of bounce in the latest figures.

"Their plan simply wasn't strong enough to justify the four-year investment."

LTA chief commercial officer Simon Long is adamant the sport is on the right track but admitted there is still much work to do.

"17.4m is a substantial potential award for British tennis," Long said.

"We are working closely with Sport England to ensure that we develop the best tennis offers to increase participation, whilst continuing to deliver a leading talent programme."

Other sports such as cycling, netball, triathlon and wheelchair basketball enjoyed funding rises of more than 30%. All of the Paralympic sports have seen their funding increase.