Tailor's Premier League dream

FA tutor Manisha Tailor wants to take up a Premier League coaching role and says she can see the day when a woman is appointed manager of a full-time club in England.

Earlier this week, Corinne Diacre became the first woman to manage a men's side in one of Europe's top two leagues, prompting Chelsea Ladies boss Emma Hayes to reveal to Sky Sports her ambition to coach an English league team.

That was followed by the appointment Becky Hammon as assistant coach of NBA side San Antonio Spurs.

And Brentford FC scout Tailor, who is also head coach of a Middlesex Centre of Excellence youth side, thinks such an appointment would be a game-changer for English football.

"Oh yes most definitely," she told Sky Sports when asked about the prospect of a female coaching in the Football League in the not too distant future.

"The impact of an appointment like that would be phenomenal and I am excited to see this shift and change in mind-set occur.

"I believe that if women have a positive mind-set and we truly believe that we can achieve our vision, then we will do just that.

"Like Emma (Hayes) that is also one of my ultimate goals. In the future I want to be part of the coaching structure within a Premier League team as well as the youth England girls' camps.

"I wish Emma Hayes all the best with her journey in achieving her goals.

"The world of football needs people like Emma and others to really alter the face of football, to be a game-changer and to make the difference."

Tailor works with Rachel Yankey on her football programme and also sits on the London FA Inclusion Advisory Group.

She became the first British Asian to hold a scouting role with a league club when she was recruited as a talent spotter for Brentford's academy last year.

"I have never perceived myself as an Asian female working in the game, I'm just me,\" the Asian Football Award winner said.

"At the same time I think it's highly important for Asian females who aspire to have a career in the game to have role models to look up to.

"I would hope that if they see someone who they are inspired by, that this would in turn motivate them to fulfil their ambitions within the game, be it on or off the field."