Taylor backs Jesus lookalike

Champion Phil Taylor has called for a spectator who resembles Jesus to be allowed into the World Championship.

Reports - denied by organisers - had suggested that Nathan Grindal, whose presence caused such a stir at last year's Players Championship that he was removed, may be banned from entering Alexandra Palace for the tournament which begins this week for fear he would distract the players.

Taylor was one of the players affected by the kerfuffle in the crowd which saw Grindal ejected at the Butlins tournament.

But he told the Daily Mirror: "Every year we get people dressed as Superman, Spiderman, Thunderbirds and nuns coming to the world championship, and the punters in fancy dress add to the fantastic atmosphere of the occasion.

"I see no reason why we should not let a bloke who looks like Jesus enjoy the spectacle - as long as he observes the rules like everybody else.

"If Clark Kent, Peter Parker, Virgil Tracy or Mother Theresa misbehaved, they would be thrown out, and the same applies to 'Jesus'."