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VIDEO (25/01): China's Li Na might want to spend some time practicing on her serve ahead of the Australian Open final after this shocking effort in Melbourne.

VIDEO (23/01): At squash's Tournament of Champions in New York, Finnish player Olli Tuominen throws his racket in the air after sealing victory. Unfortunately it lands on his beaten opponent Gregoire Marche's head.

VIDEO (22/01): Happy birthday to the greatest try of all time. It's 40 years this week since Gareth Edwards touched down for the Barbarians for what is generally regarded as the best try in rugby history. Here it is in all its glory.

VIDEO (17/01): It didn't take long for a parody of Nike's new advert with Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods to appear.

VIDEO (16/01): As catches go, this one is pretty impressive. A spectator carrying food and drink takes a one-handed catch in the stands without dropping the produce, much to the crowd's delight.

VIDEO (16/01): Here's how to hoodwink the opposition in lacrosse. Run around pretending you've got the ball and luring all the tacklers towards you while you're teammate, who actually has the ball, casually walks the ball into the goal. Sound confusing? Well, then watch the clip.

VIDEO (15/01): Rory McIlroy has just been unveiled as the new poster boy for Nike. Here's the Northern Irishman with Tiger Woods in a cheesy but watchable advert.

VIDEO (10/01): Here's some slightly alternative volleyball playing which is surely impossible to repeat, a player slamming down the ball and managing to hit three opposition players in the head, in a bit of volleyball pinball.

VIDEO (10/01): Britain's relay runners have had a propensity for dropping the baton but at least they don't get embroiled in out-and-out brawls as happened during this event in the United States.

VIDEO (09/01): Here's the moment a Kenyan runner was attacked by a spectator during a 10km race in Brazil. The runner was unharmed and went on to win the race while, needless to say, the spectator was detained by the police.

VIDEO (09/01): Here's a Zebre winger being taken out by the opposition physio. We're sure he didn't mean it!

VIDEO (03/01): The festive spirit is clearly over when it comes to ice hockey judging by this brawl that lasts nearly four minutes - with a brief interlude for a breather.

VIDEO (03/01):
Here's the Williams sisters trying their hand at table tennis.

VIDEO (02/01):
This makes for rather hypnotic viewing. It's the top 10 table tennis shots of 2012 and there's some belters. (Credit to the Daily Telegraph)

VIDEO (02/01): If you want something festive, here's what else Santa Claus got up to during the course of the festive period.

VIDEO (14/12): Here's Paralympic star Oscar Pistorius racing a horse. We've no idea why but he is.

VIDEO (14/12): Talking about pointless, here's someone breaking the world record for a drive with the longest club in the world, a 14-foot driver. The mind boggles.

VIDEO (13/12): The worst free throw in the history of basketball? Almost certainly.

VIDEO (13/12): Fresh from his showcase of footballing talent a mere 24 hours ago, here's Roger Federer showing his dance moves with a bit of Gangnam Style.

VIDEO (12/12): Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a seasonal tune from the wrestlers from WWE would it? What? Oh. We don't think Cliff Richard will be unduly worried about this anyway. *Applies earplugs*.

STORY (12/12): When asked for an explanation for his hand injury, Graeme McDowell came up with a cracker. He revealed: "I woke up out of this dream and I was standing next to my hotel room door with the door open in my boxer shorts and, three seconds later, I had the most searing pain coming through my right hand. That was my first sleepwalking experience and, believe me, it wasn't a good one."

VIDEO (12/12): Roger Federer can't be good at everything can he? Yes, he is, apparently. Check out this video of his tidy football skills.

VIDEO (11/12): Mo Farah is renowned for his double Olympic gold earlier this year and his Mobot celebration. Well now there's a music video to go with it, featuring the likes of Jermain Defoe and David Haye, with all proceeds from downloads of the song going to Mo's charity.

VIDEO (10/12): Caroline Wozniacki pokes fun at Serena Williams by mimicking the American's boobs and bum during an exhibition match against Maria Sharapova.

VIDEO (06/12): A racing commentator in Pennsylvania adapted pretty quickly when several deer invaded the race track and held an impromptu dash of their own just as the horses were ready to set off. 'And here comes Bambi on the outside!'

VIDEO (04/12): Here's how to deal with a heckler, by Graeme McDowell. Someone shouts the oft-repeated and now tiresome "mashed potato" three quarters of the way through his swing. His response is silent but effective.




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