Third check at Musselburgh

Musselburgh's meeting this afternoon must pass a 12pm inspection, with the first race now delayed until 12.40pm if the fixture does go ahead.

Although the track is thawing out, two earlier inspections this morning proved inconclusive as the course is still not raceable.

Overnight temperatures dipped to minus 2C, while racing had been due to begin at 12.10pm.

Clerk of the course Harriet Graham said: "We are still not raceable at the moment, but temperatures are beginning to rise.

"We will delay the first race until 12.40 and if we are able to go then, we should manage to get all the races in, we will just need to hurry everyone along.

"If it looks like another 30 minutes will make a difference, we could delay until 1.10 but then I think we would have to drop the bumper.

"It's going to be a tense morning."