Town defend playing budget

Crawley chief executive Michael Dunford has revealed that the club's playing budget is among the top eight in League One.

In a club statement designed to dispel myths about the Reds' spending, Dunford explained that the board has helped to make the club more competitive by personally injecting more than 1.5 million into the playing budget this year.

Dunford added that new manager John Gregory will be given money to spend in the January transfer window.

He told the club's official website: "The Football League have published a benchmarking report and we feel our supporters deserve to know the headline facts regarding our position.

"This very useful tool allows me the opportunity to dispel any myths that this club spends any less on its playing budget compared to the majority of others in our division.

"It confirmed, as we believed to be true, that we have a top eight budget in terms of players' wages in League One.

"The Board and our benefactors have personally injected over B1,500,000 this year to supplement the playing budget to ensure the club continues to be progressive.

"Our football club is within the 60% limit of the SCMP (Salary Cap Management Protocol) imposed by the Football League thanks to these donations.

"Crawley Town Football Club's ambitions this season has always been to finish in top half of the table and, considering our budget, we believe it's a fair expectation.

"In January, funds will be made available for John Gregory to improve the squad."