Tracks eye 2015 fixtures

The BHA has granted permission for Chelmsford City and the proposed A-W track at Newcastle to enter the fixture allocation process for 2015.

Officials at Chelmsford City, the new name for Great Leighs racecourse, and at Newcastle, who hope to convert the current Flat turf track at Gosforth Park to an artificial circuit, have so far met all the criteria currently asked of them by the British Horseracing Authority.

However, racing's ruling body is keen to stress this decision does not make it certain that there will be an expansion of all-weather fixtures or a bigger fixture list, which will be published at the end of September.

Ruth Quinn, director of racing for BHA, said: "Having submitted applications which met all of the criteria for new and converted racecourses, both Chelmsford City and the converted Newcastle all-weather track have been granted permission to join the 2015 fixture allocation process.

"However, this should not be interpreted as a guarantee or indication of an expansion of all-weather fixtures or the overall fixture list in order to accommodate new fixtures at either venue.

"We continue to develop the fixture allocation process, part of which involves determining customer demand for fixtures and the scope of the horse population to meet such demand."