UEFA announce Euro 2020 plan

UEFA has confirmed that the semi-finals and final of the Euro 2020 will all be played at the same stadium under the new format.

Wembley Stadium is to bid to stage the climax of the tournament, which will be played in 13 countries across Europe, and is expected to face rival bids from Rome, Berlin, Madrid and Istanbul.

Host countries will not qualify automatically but if they do, their national team will be guaranteed to play at least two of the three group matches at home, UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino told a news conference in Nyon, Switzerland.

Infantino said: "The matches of the Euro will be split into 13 packages - 12 cities who will have three group stage matches and one knock-out round match and one city will host the two semi-finals and final.

"There will be only one venue per country, and it means the semi-finals and final will be played in the same venue."