Watson on Warne outbursts

Australia vice-captain Shane Watson says Shane Warne has "got a few issues" with the hierarchy at Cricket Australia.

Warne used Twitter to launch a scathing on attack on Cricket Australia's management yesterday, calling them "muppets" who are turning Australian cricket into a "joke" by resting their best players.

But Watson believes the outburst was largely due to the fines Cricket Australia had given to the 43-year-old Melbourne Stars captain during this season's Big Bash League.

Warne was fined 9,500 Australian dollars in total for two separate incidents during the 2012-13 tournament.

"Warney's obviously got a few issues with the hierarchy at the moment with some of the things that happened during the Big Bash," Watson said today.

"Obviously he's got his own thoughts on what's going on and what happened in the last few weeks during his last few games in the Big Bash."

Warne also criticised Cricket Australia's selection policy, but Watson believes the selectors are only doing what's best for the players.

"In the end there's no doubt that the people who are involved in Cricket Australia are certainly trying to do the best job that they possibly can and are trying to support the players as much as they possibly can as well," he said.

"That's all you can ask for as a player, is them doing their absolute best they possibly can, so if you know they're there doing the best they can for the players that's all that matters."

In a series of tweets last night, Warne wrote: "I think CA really need to look at the people who are making decisions on all facets of cricket in Australia, we r seriously becoming a joke!

"Absolute rubbish re selections,rotations,resting & farcical decisions on matches, joke.. Dudding the public & to many excuses.. Wake up CA.

"Can CA please put current cricket people in charge to run the game,select teams, not ex rugby or any other sports people plse, seriously !!!

"We have the best batsmen / captain in the world in [Michael Clarke] - He needs current cricket people to help him out not muppets !!!"