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Take That - The Circus

Take That

Almost exactly two years ago, Take That showed their triumphant reformation wasn't just about nostalgia with the splendour of 'Patience' and the all-conquering Beautiful World.

The excitement which met their return also papered over Beautiful World's cracks, but such things can't last. Now they're definitely back for good, they have to prove they're worth having around.

The Circus's aim seems to be to do just that. An album of measured, mature songwriting by all four (the quartet are all credited as writers, though Gary's recognisable hand is still the heaviest), it is by far their best.

And it isn't just a fine album; it also proves that inbetweener single 'Rule The World' wasn't a one off. Future wedding first-dance classic 'Greatest Day' has a chorus capable of conjuring fireworks, both 'How Did It Come To This' and 'Hold Up A Light' are Snow Patrol-worthy stadium fillers, and the title track might just be the best (and most mournful) moment to have burst forth from Gary's piano.

Not that they've forgotten to have fun. 'Hello' is insanely jaunty, while 'Up All Night' is a confident, swaggering cousin of 'Shine'.

The truth is that the older work always had the hand of a record label executive guiding it, while Beautiful World was the sound of four fellas finding their own feet. Take That now sound like they're having fun, and soaring with confidence.

As Gary once put it, they've come a long way - and they've never sounded better.

Chris Long

Picture: Rex Features


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Added on: December 10 2008 15:51
Rachel from Mansfield
Legendary, what else could I say? The boys were excellent first time round and just like a good wine, they got better with age. Love you guys, keep up the good work, loving the new album it's amazing x x
Added on: December 7 2008 20:54
mark from wickham bishops
The first time round they were ok but this time there is some really catchy songs they are writing. Well done to them they deserve it!
Added on: December 7 2008 11:38
karen from Runcorn
Love takethat best thing ever that they are back,ben t bth there latest concerts and can't wait for june to see them again in Manchester love u boys
Added on: December 5 2008 21:45
ryan b from blyth
Just one word cam to mind when listening to this album- RETIREMENT! haway lads just end it all ready will you, my ears are hurtin with this tosh!
Added on: December 5 2008 08:15
samantha simpson from leicester
it great to see the boys back i like them then and i like them now i loved the song shine
Added on: December 4 2008 19:52
Emz from Newcastle
Take that are the best and this new album is one of the best yet! I love Up all night it is so catchy cant stop singin it!

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