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news - Fri 11 Jan 2013
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The Saturdays premiere What About Us video

Watch as the girls take a stroll through Los Angeles!

When you're a Saturday, you really can afford to take it easy, living a glamorous life lounging about in the sun and partying on the streets of Los Angeles.

Yes, that's right, The Saturdays are back with a brand new video.

What About Us will be the girls' new tune in the UK but also their debut release in America. The track will feature on their US album Chasing The Sun, due for release on 29 January, just a week after their US reality television show launches.

The new TV show (also called Chasing The Sun) will document the girls' ambition and efforts to crack the States. Fear not UK fans, we'll also get to watch all the action as the programme will be broadcast on UK television too. Phew.

Watch The Saturdays' new video on our brand new video page here. Amazing. If America is after drop-dead-gorgeous girls looking flawless and effortlessly sexy in the sunshine, we think the group could actually do alright for themselves over there!

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