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news - Thu 17 Jan 2013
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The Saturdays' Una: Justin Bieber has baby soft skin

Una gushes about the Canadian singer

Una Healy from The Saturdays says Justin Bieber has baby soft skin.

The Irish singer remarked on the Boyfriend star's velvety-smooth face when she met him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

In an interview with comedienne Joan Rivers on American TV show Fashion Police, she said: "Justin Bieber was on a TV show with us and I remember I went in for the kiss on the cheek, and he's got baby soft skin."

Bandmate Rochelle - who recently announced her baby news with hubby Marvin from JLS - added: "You sounded really creepy though! Maybe don't tell him that."

Talking more about Rochelle's pregnancy, Frankie shared their grand plans if the baby is a girl, joking: "We're hoping it's a girl so one day we can do a mini Saturdays."

With Una's cute baby girl Aoife, they'd only need three more to complete the set!

The girlband are currently promoting Chasing The Saturdays, their fly-on-the wall US documentary which starts on 20 January.

Will it give them the exposure they need to break the States? Watch their brand new video on our big new music video page here.

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