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  • 23 November 2011, 10:37

Tube Map on your mobile

Tube / PA Photos

Want to find the quickest way across the capital?

Download the Tube Map on your phone for free and get real-time London Underground journey information wherever you go.

Orange has teamed up with leading mobile services company MXData to launch a unique new service for London commuters, tourists and shoppers.

The new application allows you to access the full tube map on virtually any handset (even underground!), plan your route and get live information on delays.

Simply text tubemap to 60070 (or, if you're an Orange customer, text tube map to 247) and download the Tube Map for free.

Data charges may apply (depending on tariff and operator) when downloading the application and accessing live information.

* With Orange, you can also check the roads with Traffic TV, compare prices on cheap flights and use Orange Maps to get you there more quickly.