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Got a question? Have a peek through our FAQs.

Bright Tops Ups is being removed - why?

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end so from March we're no longer going to be offering pay as you go customers a 1 in 3 chance of winning a prize everytime you top up.

The reason we've done this is because we want to focus on improving other aspects of your pay as you go service with us.

To make sure you know where you stand we'll send you a text 30 days before we turn the lights out on Bright Top Ups, and we'll also text you again to confirm when you've been opted-out. These texts are free.

Fret not however as we have lots of other reasons to be ecstatic with us. Click here for more details - more from Orange, for you. Plus you can still redeem you mobile prizes up until we send you your opt-out message.

What is it?

How does it work?

Bright Top Ups gives you a 1 in 3 chance of winning a prize, every time you top up by at least 5.

You can instantly win mobile rewards.

And even if you haven't won, we'll reward you with a voucher anyway. So there's always something in it for you.

Does it cost anything to take part?

No, entries are free of charge with every top up. All text messages are sent free of charge unless you are overseas when you send them.

Is it the same for every top up?

Every top up counts as a single entry. It doesn't matter what value the top up is and even 5 top ups count as a single entry.

prizes: winning and claiming prizes

How do I collect my prize?

The text message we send you will tell you how to claim your prize. Mobile prizes can be claimed by sending 'Yes' to the short code shown in the text message (all text messages will be from Orange).

Will I be charged to claim my mobile prize?

All text messages are free of charge within the UK. Outside the UK they'll be charged at the standard rate.

When will my prize expire?

You need to claim your prize within 30 days of us sending you your text, confirming that you've won.

From time to time prizes will need to be claimed in less than 30 days. We will tell you the date you need to claim by in your winning message.

I've lost my winning message - does it matter?

No, don't worry, if you want to you'll be able to check to see what you've won online by entering your mobile number at

If you have won a mobile prize call 450 from your Orange phone - customer services can see which prizes have been won and claimed and will be able to resend your winning message.

I don't have access to the internet, how do I claim my prize?

You won't need the internet to claim your prize, you can claim your mobile prize by sending 'Yes' to the short code shown in the text message (all text messages will be from Orange and it is free to text back).

Is there a no purchase necessary route for Northern Ireland?

If you're a customer from Northern Ireland, you can enter by printing out this form and sending it to

Bright Top Ups (NPN)
Dept No. D5643
PO Box 99
HP19 8RR

We can only accept one entry per stamped envelope.

I don't know my mobile number what do I do?

Your mobile number is held on your phone either in settings or your address book. If you don't know how to find it then call another mobile - the number displayed is your number.

prizes: sharing your prizes

Can I transfer my prize to someone else?

No, mobile prizes can't be shared or gifted.

Can I change my prize?

Sorry, we can't give an alternative to the awarded prize

prizes: delivery

How long will it take for the free mobile rewards be applied to my phone?

Pretty quickly - within 2 hours from when you replied 'Yes'.

How can I check that they have been added?

By calling 453 free of charge from your Orange phone.

It has been over 2 hours and I haven't had a message?

Sometimes there could be a delay in the message getting to you. If you still haven't received in 24 hours, customer services can resend it for you - just give them a call on 450 from your Orange phone.

Can prizes be delivered outside of the UK?

Sorry, no.

joining and leaving

How can I be part of it?

You don't need to do a thing. Every time you top up by 5 or more we'll automatically enter you into our free prize draw. Within 20 minutes of topping up you'll get a text to let you know whether you've won and how to claim your prize.

If I don't want to be part of it anymore what should I do?

Just text STOP to a 48000 and we won't include your next top up in our prize draw. Don't worry, it'll be free of charge when you're in the UK.

I replied STOP but I keep getting marketing messages, what should I do?

Simply call customer services on 450 from your Orange phone to cancel any further messages. You will be charged a flat rate of 25p for the call.

Will I receive any other marketing messages from Orange?

Yes, you'll still receive the usual messages from Orange.

I registered for a prize online - will you share my details with any other companies?

Not for marketing purposes, no, we'll only pass your details to our partner who ships your prize.

other frequently asked questions

What are the terms?

Every top up over 5, by every method, from every customer (except those that have chosen to opt out) is included in the prize draw. Winners are chosen at random and have a 1 in 3 chance to win. Winners are notified by text and given instructions of how to claim. Prizes can be claimed up to 30 days from receipt of the winning message.

What are my chances of winning?

Every top up has a 1 in 3 chance of winning. Winners are picked at random and so it isn't guaranteed that a prize will be drawn every 3rd top up.

What prizes could I win?

A full list of our prizes are available on this website. Just check out the terms and conditions link on the homepage.

terms and conditions

Bright Top Ups Terms & Conditions

  1. Bright Top Ups ("the Promotion") is open to invited Orange UK Pay As You Go customers but excludes Orange employees, their families or any other person associated with it.
  2. All entry instructions form part of these Terms and Conditions, which, by taking part, all entrants will be deemed to have accepted.
  3. The Promotion commences on 30th April 2009 and will run on an ongoing basis. Orange reserves the right to withdraw or amend the Promotion at any time. Notice will be given via text message to customers who have registered for the Promotion and will be effective immediately.
  4. Each top-up (minimum top-up amount 5) will be automatically entered into Bright Top Ups and winners will be randomly selected based on a 1 in 3 chance to win. Customers will receive a text message letting them know what they have won and instructions on how to claim their prize.
  5. The Bright Top Ups text messages customers send and receive will be free of charge in the UK. Customers using their phones abroad making an eligible top-up will still be eligible to enter but the standard roaming rate will apply to any Bright Top Ups message sent.
  6. Prizes will consist of mobile prizes, details of which can be found on
  7. Prizes must be claimed within 30 days of receipt of notification that a prize has been won unless otherwise stated. Mobile prizes will be valid for 7 days from when they are applied.
  8. Mobile prizes are claimed free of charge by sending YES to the number provided in the winning message.
  9. All prizes are non-transferable, non-refundable (either wholly or partly in cash) and cannot be exchanged. No cash alternative will be made available for any prize won.
  10. The promoter reserves the right to substitute any prize with another prize of equal or greater value.
  11. Customers will not be eligible for their prize where the top up has been refunded or where we believe they have topped up fraudulently. The decision to withhold prizes in these cases is at the sole discretion of Orange UK and no correspondence will be entered into.
  12. Any eligible customer wishing to opt-out of Bright Top Ups can do so at any time by texting 'STOP' to 48000. Opting out of this promotion will not opt you out of all Orange promotions. To do this call 450 and speak to a Customer Services Advisor.
  13. By entering this Promotion, entrants agree to their details being submitted to a third party for purposes of conducting the draw and shipping.
  14. Customer details will not be passed onto any third party for marketing purposes.
  15. Customers in Northern Ireland (only) are able to enter without having to top up. Please print out and complete the form from and send it to Bright Top Ups (NPN), Dept No D5643, PO Box 99, Aylesbury, HP19 8RR. Alternatively please send your name, address and Orange phone number to Bright Top Ups (NPN), Dept No D5643, PO Box 99, Aylesbury, HP19 8RR. Only one entry per stamped envelope will be accepted per week. Any incomplete, incorrect, illegible or damaged forms will be invalid and the Promoter takes no responsibility for any entry forms which are delayed or lost in the post.
  16. Any Bright Top Ups queries should be directed to or by calling 450. Calls will be charged at 25p standard rate.
  17. Orange reserves the right to amend, vary or cancel these terms and conditions or to withdraw this promotion at any time upon reasonable notice.
  18. Promoter: Orange Personal Communications Services Limited, St James Court, Great Park Road, Almondsbury Park, Bradley Stoke, Bristol BS32 4QJ. No correspondence should be sent to this address.

The prize fund for the period 1st September - 30th September 2011 consists of mobile prizes as listed below:

Mobile prizes:

  1. Winners of a Mobile prize will win one of the below listed prize bundles for their phone: 7 pound free credit for 7 days, 7 free minutes for 7 days, 5 free minutes for next weekend, 4MB free mobile internet for next weekend, 50p free credit for 7 days, 1 pound free credit for 7 days, 5 pound free credit for 7 days, 1MB free mobile internet for 7 days, 2 free photo messages for 7 days, 5 free photo messages for 7 days, 10 free texts for 7 days, 30 free texts for 7 days, 50 free texts for 7 days, 2 free minutes for 7 days, 5 free minutes for 7 days, 10 free minutes for 7 days, 30 free minutes for 7 days, 7 free photo messages for 7 days, 7MB free mobile internet for 7 days, 7 free texts for 7 days, 10 free minutes for next weekend, 30 free minutes for next weekend, 60 free minutes for next weekend, 10 free texts for next weekend, 30 free texts for next weekend, 50 free texts for next weekend, 100 free texts for next weekend, 50p free credit for next weekend, 1 pound free credit for next weekend, 2 pound free credit for next weekend, 5 pound free credit for next weekend, 60 free minutes for next weekend.
  2. Mobile prize bundles are all cross net. The prize will be applied to the winning mobile following acceptance of the prize.
  3. Mobile prize bundles are for use in the UK only - otherwise standard roaming rates will apply.
  4. Upon accepting a mobile prize bundle, you will receive a text within 72 hours confirming when your bundle has started and when it will expire.
  5. You will not be informed in the event that your prize bundle is in low balance or has expired.
  6. Compatible handsets may be required in order to benefit from certain mobile prizes.

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