India v England Test Series 2012 – 4th Test

India v England

Thu 13 Dec 2012, 04:00am GMT, 09:30am local

Match Drawn

England330 (145.5 ovs) & 352-4d (154 ovs)
India326-9d (143 ovs)


Jonathon Trott and Ian Bell guided England to their first series victory in India for 28 years as the final Test in Nagpur meandered to an inevitable draw.

Trott (143) and Bell (116no) were both in need of big scores and knew, starting the fifth day, that negotiating the morning session would all but seal the draw England needed. They did exactly that, defying India's demoralised attack on a dreadful pancake of a pitch.

Resuming on 161-3, 165 ahead, England just needed to occupy the crease and bat India out of contention. There could be few better exponents for the task than Trott, who struck 18 fours off 310 balls to further antagonise India after the rancour caused by his 'hockey shot' for four on Sunday.

Although Trott eventually fell just before tea, sweeping to leg slip off a leg-side delivery by Ravichandran Ashwin, Joe Root took up the mantle to accompany Bell (who hit 16 fours in his 306-ball knock) until midway through the evening session. At that point MS Dhoni was permitted by the regulations to concede the draw, and England's celebrations could begin.

352-4 - MATCH DRAWN: There's the handshake! Let the celebrations begin on the England balcony. England have come from behind to record a first series victory in India since 1984-85. It's India's first home defeat for eight years. They have huge issues to address, but England end a tumultuous year with an historic victory. Ian Bell ends unbeaten on 116, having compiled a partnership of 208 earlier on with Jonathon Trott (143).

352-4: Gambhir will bowl what's likely to be the last over. His first two balls are a massive full toss and a hideous bung down leg side. He would fit nicely into Orange's XI!

349-4: Biff! Pow! Blam! Three boundaries in an over from Bell. With five minutes until the handshake, it's probably about time for some entertainment, I guess.

341-4: Only ten minutes to go until the handshake. Anderson celebrated Bell's ton up on the balcony like it was a 95th minute winner in the Cup final! I think one or two may have been on the Singhas already.

336-4: CENTURY FOR BELL! A recuperative ton for the much-maligned Duke of Bellington. A flick behind square on the leg side isn't quite scooped back in time by the persuing fielder and that brings up Bell's 17th Test hundred. He and Trott have seen England through slightly choppy waters and on to glory. His three figures come up after 293 balls.

326-4: Bell defends to square leg and takes a dicey single. He would've been run out with a direct hit at the non-striker's end but it only just misses. He's on 98. Root then beefs the next ball to the boundary. He's unfurling some strokes after grinding his way through his first innings. Not that that's a criticism - the pitch and the situation dictated it.

316-4: Bell is on to 89 with a single played out to cover. Disappointing to see no silly run-ups by the bowlers or wild, expansive shots by either batsman. In the 80s, I swear dead Tests always descended into silliness by this stage on day five.

Eng 310-4 (0900 GMT): Welcome back. England are 50 minutes away from shaking hands to confirm a series win in India. It's something none of our most recent celebrated Test captains achieved, and is rated by Michael Vaughan and others as 'the toughest of them all'. India's team may be chock full of weighty, ageing has-beens, but we've rebounded off the ropes from a big first-Test defeat to achieve something very special here. A century for Bell would be a nice way to round things off. He's on 87, Root has seven.

TEA - Eng 310-4: So the day meanders on with everyone eyeing up the cut-off point for the handshake, which is 0950 UK time. England lead by 314 runs and have the series-clinching draw in the bag. The tourists knew that a solid opening session would all but clinch the series for them, and thanks to the stoicism of Trott and Bell, they've done it. Join us after the tea break from 0900 for the last 50 minutes of the victory parade.

310-4: Kerpow! Root fetches an Ashwin delivery with one knee on the floor and lambasts it over midwicket for six! It's his first Dorothy in Test cricket. Bell has 87, the Aussie unlucky number. A ton for him would be the cherry on the cake.

302-4: TROTT'S GONE! Well, that came out of nowhere! A fabulous, series-winning knock of 143 from 310 balls is over. Kohli is stationed at leg slip, Ashwin bungs one way down the leg side, Trott chases it and sort of dab-sweeps it off the face of the bat straight into his hands. A rather tame conclusion but Trott has done his job magnificently just when England needed a steady, unflappable presence.

302-3: Bell moves on to 86 despite not getting this on drive anywhere near his sweet spot. It loops past the man at midwicket and bobbles away for four. England are an hour and a half away from their first beer of the night. It will taste very, very sweet indeed.

294-3: Six! Wowzers! Did you see that? Something actually *happened*? Bell whacks Jadeja over long-off and a man carrying a pen bottles out of attempting the catch in the crowd. That brings up the 200 partnership off 455 balls. It may not be scintillating or tension-racked, but the Barmy Army are loving it.

283-3: Dropped! Bell goes back to Chawla, tries to cut away a ball that goes on straight and edges right at the chest of Sehwag at slip. It comes at him quickly and he acturally turns away from it to protect himself. Not a particularly brave effort.

279-3: The cut-off time after which India are allowed to concede the match is 0950 UK time. So we have another two hours of this to, erm, enjoy. Oooh, a little bit of turn from Chawla, his leggie gripping slightly and beating Bell's edge.

274-3: Drinks. The Trott-Bell partnership is now worth 180. They were both in need of a score, so this will have a recuperative effect and nail down their places in New Zealand. I'm sure Mrs Bell will be delighted about that.

270-3: It's less of a Test match, more a box ticking exercise now for all concerned. The result is in the bag, but India are just going through the motions until they can raise the white flag. Trott punches an over-pitched Chawla delivery past cover point for four. For some reason, the host broadcasters have just run a montage of Monty Panesar fielding cock-ups, dropped catches etc. It's being shown on the stadium big screen, much to the England balcony's amusement. Trott's on 127, Bell 74.

263-3: Such is the 'intensity' of the action out in the middle, Botham and Nass are talking about Hussain's broken boiler and Sir Beefy's plans for lunch live on air. India, understandably at this point, are pretty much spent.

253-3: Bell's been becalmed since lunch, up til now - he cuts Chawla's wide ball past Pujara's dive at cover point, then gives the next delivery the classic Belly treatment through wide mid-off for four more. He's on 71. A century would be a nice way for him to end a tumultuous tour.

247-3: Deary me! Chawla has had a heavy lunch, dishing up a lazy, loopy full toss with the first ball after the break for Trott to gleefully crash through midwicket for four. As well as England's glorious fightback in this series, the chat in Nagpur concerns the future of Sachin Tendulkar. Word is he won't retire after this series, but will the decision be made for him?

Eng 240-3 (0640 GMT): Morning everyone. History is upon us, folks. It was said at the close of play yesterday that if England could have a solid morning session today then they'd be pretty much home and dry. Well, they've done exactly that. Jonathon Trott is 106no alongside Ian Bell on 61no and their stand of 146 has all but secured England's first series win in India since 1984-85. Your live commentary through England's victory parade begins here.

India v England Test Series 2012 – 4th Test

India v England

Thu 13 Dec 2012, 04:00am GMT, 09:30am local

Match Drawn

England – 1st innings

AN Cooklbw I Sharma12800
NRD Comptonc MS Dhoni b I Sharma31200
IJL Trottb RA Jadeja4413370
KP Pietersenc PP Ojha b RA Jadeja73188100
IR Bellc V Kohli b PP Chawla12800
JE Rootc & b PP Chawla7322940
MJ Priorb R Ashwin5714260
TT Bresnanlbw I Sharma0200
GP Swannlbw PP Chawla569162
JM Andersonc CA Pujara b PP Chawla41700
MS Panesarnot out1500
Extras5b, 12lb17
Total(145.5 ovs)330all out

fow: 1-3 (NRD Compton, 4.2 ov), 2-16 (AN Cook, 10.3 ov), 3-102 (IJL Trott, 49.4 ov), 4-119 (IR Bell, 60.5 ov), 5-139 (KP Pietersen, 67.3 ov), 6-242 (MJ Prior, 114.6 ov), 7-242 (TT Bresnan, 116.2 ov), 8-302 (JE Root, 139.1 ov), 9-325 (GP Swann, 143.4 ov), 10-330 (JM Anderson, 145.5 ov)

I Sharma28.094931.75
PP Ojha35.0127102.03
RA Jadeja37.0175821.57
PP Chawla21.516943.16
R Ashwin24.036612.75

India – 1st innings

G Gambhirc MJ Prior b JM Anderson379340
V Sehwagb JM Anderson0200
CA Pujarac IR Bell b GP Swann267230
SR Tendulkarb JM Anderson21300
V Kohlilbw GP Swann103295110
MS Dhonirun out (AN Cook)9924681
RA Jadejalbw JM Anderson123120
R Ashwinnot out296500
PP Chawlab GP Swann1200
PP Ojhab MS Panesar33200
I Sharmanot out2700
Extras5b, 7lb12
Total(143 ovs)326dfor 9

fow: 1-1 (V Sehwag, 0.3 ov), 2-59 (CA Pujara, 22.3 ov), 3-64 (SR Tendulkar, 27.5 ov), 4-71 (G Gambhir, 31.4 ov), 5-269 (V Kohli, 116.1 ov), 6-288 (RA Jadeja, 123.6 ov), 7-295 (MS Dhoni, 129.1 ov), 8-297 (PP Chawla, 130.1 ov), 9-317 (PP Ojha, 140.1 ov)

JM Anderson32.058142.53
TT Bresnan26.056902.65
MS Panesar52.0158111.56
GP Swann31.0107632.45
IJL Trott1.00202.00
JE Root1.00505.00

England – 2nd innings

AN Cookc MS Dhoni b R Ashwin139310
NRD Comptonlbw PP Ojha3413510
IJL Trottc V Kohli b R Ashwin143310180
KP Pietersenb RA Jadeja63010
IR Bellnot out116306161
JE Rootnot out205611
Extras8b, 6lb, 6nb20
Total(154 ovs)352dfor 4

did not bat: MJ Prior, TT Bresnan, GP Swann, JM Anderson, MS Panesar

fow: 1-48 (AN Cook, 29.5 ov), 2-81 (NRD Compton, 46.4 ov), 3-94 (KP Pietersen, 55.5 ov), 4-302 (IJL Trott, 134.1 ov)

I Sharma15.034202.80
PP Ojha40.0147011.75
R Ashwin38.0119922.61
PP Chawla26.066402.46
RA Jadeja33.0175911.79
G Gambhir2.00402.00

match details

toss: England won the toss and elected to bat.

venue: Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur

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