England v Australia Test Series 2013 – 1st Test

England v Australia

Wed 10 Jul 2013, 11:00am BST, 11:00am local

England win by 14 runs

England215 (59 ovs) & 375 (149.5 ovs)
Australia280 (64.5 ovs) & 296 (110.5 ovs)


296 all out: ENGLAND HAVE WON BY 14 RUNS! In this controversy-flecked Test match, we have got one more highly pressurised umpiring decision to finish it off. Haddin drives outside off to Anderson and the ball whistles past his inside edge and low into Prior's gloves. The appeal from Anderson and the keeper is somewhat unconvincing. They clearly feel it's optimistic at best, but with two reviews remaining they decide to refer it upstairs. And lo and behold, what does Hot Spot show? The tiniest of white spots on Haddin's inside edge! Aleem Dar's decision is overturned. In slightly bizarre circumstances, England have won the first Test! The players are as stunned as the crowd. When the dust settles, a look at Snicko also confirms Haddin's edge. Anderson finishes with five wickets in this innings and 10 in the match. What we've witnessed here today and over the five days is quite extraordinary. We only have to wait until Thursday for Act Two.

296-9: Haddin drives lustily through extra cover but he's stifled from attempting a run by a brilliant stop by Bell. Next ball, he defends to cover and sets off, but more athleticism from Bairstow sends him scurrying back to his crease again. Good pressure from England. Still FIFTEEN NEEDED.

296-9: Haddin works Swann's final delivery through a tiny gap at mid-on, skips through for a single and keeps the strike. FIFTEEN NEEDED. Infuriating as this has been for England fans, you've got to find some admiration for the Aussies' indomitable spirit here.

295-9: Pattinson presses forward to Swann and gets a thick inside edge between his legs which squirts down to fine leg. They run three! SIXTEEN NEEDED.

292-9: An easy single for Haddin off Swann brings the target down to 19. NINETEEN NEEDED FOLKS!

291-9: A maiden from Anderson. Both Haddin and Pattinson have looked utterly unflappable in defence. Here's Swann, who has been far from his best so far today...

291-9: Ooh! Second ball after lunch and Haddin inside-edges Anderson just past his leg stump!

291-9: Immediately, some good news for England. Anderson's over his cramp and has the ball in his hand. Haddin's on strike. Here we go...

291-9: I don't know about you but despite that 40-minute break and I've not stopped shaking. To repeat the situation - Australia need just 20 runs to win and they are down to their last wicket. In half an hour, it'll be over. One side will be exultant, the other in despair. Or, of course, we might be about to witness the third tie in Test cricket history. Let's crack on then, shall we? The players are back on the field...

LUNCH - Aus 291-9: How on earth are we expected to endure a lunch break with Australia 20 runs away from victory and England increasingly desperate for one single wicket? This has been a morning - and an entire Test match - of unremitting, knuckle-biting tension. After a last-wicket partnership of extraordinary bravery from Haddin (69*) and Pattinson (22*), victory is tantalisingly close for BOTH sides. Those this morning who predicted a repeat of Edgbaston 2005 were bang on. This is stunning, gripping drama. We resume at 1410.

291-9: Despite some quite shameless time-wasting tactics by Broad to try and extend his over and bring the lunch break, the umpires decide we'll have one more. Swann will bowl it. TWENTY RUNS needed.

289-9: One more over before lunch in this extended morning session. Broad to bowl it. Will anyone actually be able to eat anything during the interval? Surely not.

289-9: Time for one more moment of drama in this Swann over as Haddin jags down on the ball in defence, it hits his boot and rolls just past off stump! This is insanely enthralling Test match cricket.Just TWENTY TWO needed!!

289-9: Dropped! Oooh, there was England's chance to seal it! Haddin slogs across the line, it's high, Finn is underneath it in the deep, he's going to get there, he dives but it's *through his hands* and over the rope for four. Long look from Swann. Oh, the margins. The margins are as fine as a fag paper.

283-9: Mix-up! Haddin plays to cover, sets off, changes his mind, but Bairstow's throw misses by about a foot. Would've been out by a mile. They nick a single. 28 more needed. Utterly compulsive, maddeningly nerve-shredding.

282-9: Cook now has no choice but to persist with Swann. He's not bowled well at all this morning and delivers two full tosses in this over. He's lucky only one of them is bunted away for a single by Haddin. Australia need 29 more to win.

281-9: There's utterly riveted silence around the ground. It's a disciplined over from Broad, tight on off stump. It's a maiden. England need Anderson to return desperately but... what's this? He's going off the ground for treatment! On comes Bresnan as sub fielder. Another sub-plot to this multi-layered best-seller of a Test match!

281-9: Fifty partnership from 46 balls! 30 needed. How many more times can fortunes possibly fluctuate over five days? Will there be one more twitch of the momentum dial and which way will it go? Broad replaces Finn after his two pretty calamitous overs. C'mon Broady....

280-9: Incredible. Pattinson smacks Swann over midwicket for six! He absolutely pulverised that. What nerve for a No.11! It's not happeneing for Swanny today. Just 31 needed. Fingers shaking. Can hardly type.

273-9: This has got "Edgbaston 2005 Mk 11" written all over it! Cook sticks with Finn despite his conceding 15 in his last over and he is clonked for four through cover by Pattinson! And what now? Pattinson is beaten by a nip-backer that evades Prior and trundles away for four byes. Aaaargh! Just 38 needed. We are into an added half hour before lunch.

264-9: Another single apiece. My God, this is unbearable. I'm perspiring heavily here - and this room is air conditioned. Pattinson's defence against Swann is resolute until a thick inside edge to square leg. 47 more needed.

262-9: Fifty for Haddin! Two big lusty blows in succession off Finn - the first clubbed over midwicket, the next drilled past mid-on - get Haddin to his 11th half century off 115 balls. Oh, and he pastes the next ball for four more over mid-on too! He fancies this! Australia are beginning to believe once again! 51 more needed.

247-9: And still the total is being whittled down. Chip, chip, chip. Haddin slashes across the line to Swann and Finn indulges in some comedy capers at deep backward square. He loses sight of the ball completely, does a baffled little jig and the ball plops into the boundary rope. Swann gives him a gobful of abuse. More frustration follows with a couple of easy singles. Bowling change - Anderson's spell of 16-8-31-3 is over and Finn has his first go.

239-9: Hmmm. A rare errant ball down leg by Anderson and Pattinson nudges it off his pad for four. 'Only' 72 more needed. Only 14 minutes until lunch, but if we're still playing by then it play can be extended another half an hour.

234-9: Pattinson only gets a single after being dished up a full bunger by Swann. A Sky graphic shows us Pattinson has a top Test score of 42 (v South Africa no less) and several in the 30s. He's no Chris Martin, this lad. No relaxing yet folks.

232-9: Trent Bridge is braced for the climax... Anderson appeals for lbw against Pattinson but it's an optimistic one. Aleem Dar rightly spots this one pitched way outside leg stump. The crowd, having sat in gripped silence thus far, is roaring Anderson into every delivery now.

231-9: ANDERSON DOES IT AGAIN!!! England just one wicket away from drawing first blood in this series! Anderson goes very full, it swings away, Siddle gives it the full beans, slashing like a woodcutter outside off and Cook takes a quite sensational catch at second slip, diving away to his right to take it two-handed. The Anderson-Cook combo has accounted for all three wickets this morning, and the skipper has dropped one too.

231-8: More agonised wincing from England as Swann turns one wickedly to beat Haddin's inside edge and whistle past the top of leg stump. The bounce is pretty vicious on that one too. Most sickeningly the ball beats Prior to and trundles away for four byes. 80 more needed. Anderson has bowled unchanged all morning. Finn is left unloved on the boundary.

225-8: DROPPED! Aaaargh! It's Anderson again who entices the edge with just a hint of away swing. Siddle pushes slightly across it, the ball brushes his edge but Cook cannot cling on low to his left at first slip. How crucial might that prove? Siddle affords himself a little chuckle.

224-8: Two more for Haddin, another uppish mis-timed drive over cover. A single apiece too. 87 more needed. Bowling change- Swann returns to replace Broad.

220-8:Siddle, who has scored a century on this tour, airily square-drives Broad for four, then flicks a fuller ball off his pads through midwicket for another one. Don't be fooled - this ain't over yet, folks. Dare I mention the words 'Edgbaston 2005'?

211-8: A second wicket maiden in a row from Anderson. What would England do without him? How often has he changed the course of a game irreversibly just when his team need it? Fabulous. Massive job now for Haddin to drag Australia over the line. They need 100 more.

211-8: THERE GOES ANOTHER ONE!! It's Anderson again! It's the new man Starc who departs as Jimmy angles one across him which nips away off the seam, he defends but edges to Cook who once again holds on brilliantly at slip. With 100 more needed, victory is in England's sights now.

211-7: Australia need exactly 100 more. Starc (any relation to Cheryl Starc of Erinsborough, I wonder? One for the 80s kids there) dashes a quick single to midwicket to get off the mark. There's two for Haddin (31no) via a squirty drive.

207-7: Anderson completes a wicket maiden by arrowing a full delivery past Starc's edge as he heaves at thin air. Australia require another 104 runs. It's far from over, but that's a vital blow.

207-7: BREAKTHROUGH!!!! Got him! Massive, massive relief! Agar, having played quite beautifully for his 14, is undone by an Anderson beauty. Delivered from around the wicket with a little away swing, Agar leaves his bat dangling out with an open blade, the ball canons off the edge and Cook takes a snorter of a catch at second slip. Gigantic moment, coming just as Australia's belief was growing.

207-6: Cook nervously fiddles with his field, just one slip now. Another sublime shot from Agar (14no), driving off the back foot through square cover for four. However, Broad's final delivery keeps low and somehow misses everything - a whisker past inside edge and off stump. They scuttle through for a bye unapologetically.

202-6: Eight off the over! English anxiety levels rise. Haddin drives two past mid-off, then scampers two byes as Anderson strays down leg side and Prior can only half-stop it. Haddin then flays outside off and lofts over cover, the ball lands and bobbles to the rope. Tension, tension, tension.

194-6: Nice first over from Broad with the new nut. Agar is beaten outside off with the final ball, but generally his technique and temperament look emphatically solid.

194-6: Anderson breaches Agar's defences with the new ball's first delivery - the cordon all go up but Jimmy knows it pitched well outside leg. Agar's composure is astonishing as he confidently nudges a single to third man. It's athletically fielded by Trott. A couple for Haddin to end the over and the Aussies are starting to believe. Broad on now to share the new ball...

191-6: Thirty five minutes gone, no wickets, lots of pressure but not really any hint of a breakthrough. Anderson and Cook have a conflab, and the new ball is taken.

191-6: Oooh. Haddin is beaten outside off as he opens the face, but the next one is fuller from Anderson and steered down to third man for four successfully this time by Agar. Every run is chipping away at England's position of superiority and notching up the tension. 120 more needed.

187-6: Deliciously controlled power-sweep from Haddin (20 from 69 balls) off Swann that beats the diving fielder at deep midwicket. Just the 124 more needed. Gulp. No new ball yet. Anderson will have a final dart with the old one. Prior standing back now.

182-6: The Aussies have scored eight runs in the first eight overs. England have them under control and Cook has a tricky decision when the new ball is due after the next over.

182-6: Agar now officially has a better batting average than Don Bradman. He pierces the in-field with a big drive for a single down to long off. Haddin drives against the spin of Swann and skews it streakily to long-on for a single. My word, it's tense.

180-6: Agar boldly sweeps a straight Swann delivery that was probably hitting the stumps. He gets enough on it to send Anderson galloping down to long leg and run two. A fine diving stop from Root to cut off a beefy off drive keeps the pressure on.

178-6: Another maiden. Prior is standing up to the stumps for Anderson, putting all the pressure possible on the batsmen. Haddin misses with a swish outside off. Big 'Ooooh!' form the crowd.

178-6: Another maiden for Swann. Agar charges his first delivery but doesn't get the meat on it, squirting it safely to mid-on. The rest of the over is defended. After a tumultuous reception for the players, the crowd has lulled into captivated silence.

178-6: Four for Haddin! But not the most authentic of strokes. He tries to guide Anderson down to third man but doesn't get the control he wanted and the ball flies just past Swann's dive at second slip. Just the 133 more need for the Aussies.

174-6: Swann begins with a maiden, fizzing in a few turners outside off then aiming a quicker, straighter ball at the stumps. Well defended by Agar. Eight overs until the new ball is due. Here's Jimmy...

Aus 174-6: Here come the players on another balmy morning in the east midlands. There's a tangible crackle of excitement in the air as this epic Test reaches its final few hours. Each morning we seem to have heard the cliche that "the first hour is crucial", but that is never more true than today. Swann has the ball and Agar is on strike. Deep breath. Let's go...

day five preview

Welcome to what's set to be a short but high-octane final day at Trent Bridge. England need four more wickets to draw first blood in the series, while Australia need 137 more runs.

England are favourites for victory but this Test, which has seen fortunes undulate on an hourly basis, is certain to have more tricks up its sleeve. It's a muggy, overcast morning in Nottingham which will have James Anderson salivating; England have two reviews remaining to Australia's none, and yet it will take just one solid lower-order partnership for the tourists to seize back the initiative.

Australia have a strong tail, with Brad Haddin (11no) boasting three Test hundreds and ten 50s; and we now know all about the batting capabilities of Ashton Agar (1no). There is no room for complacency for England.

Yesterday it was a rip-roaring spell of three wickets in 18 balls - accounting for Michael Clarke (23), Steven Smith (17) and Phil Hughes (0) - towards the end of play that tipped the balance in England's favour.

England got off to the perfect start too, largely thanks to the wayward bowling from a weary Mitchell Starc. Stuart Broad, with the controversy on day three firmly behind him, reached his tenth Test half-century with an edge which flew past the slip cordon. It wasn't long before the England fans were back on their feet again as Ian Bell, under immense pressure to deliver when England needed him to the most, rose to occasion by bringing up his 18th and arguably his most important century.

James Pattinson then removed Broad (65) who found one edge too many, bringing an end to a potential match-saving 7th wicket partnership of 138. Bell (109) fell in a similar fashion six overs later, feathering a full ball from Starc to Clarke at second slip. He left the field with his head and bat held high as he lapped up the applause from the sun-soaked crowd at Trent Bridge who appreciated his herculean effort on a testing pitch.

Graeme Swann and James Anderson then gave away their wickets cheaply, meaning England had added 49 runs to their overnight total, setting Australia a target of 311 to win, which would be a new record total at Trent Bridge if successfully chased down.

Australia started their reply solidly, coming through the short spell before lunch unscathed on 28-0, with Watson in particular, looking well set. They picked up where they left off soon after lunch and cruised to 84-0; the England bowlers all struggled to get to grips with this enigmatic pitch. The drinks break clearly gave England the boost they were beginning to desperately look like needing as Broad trapped Watson lbw for 46.

The tourists looked to have made the tea break without any further damage but Ed Cowan (14) edged to first slip from Joe Root making a cameo appearance with the ball. A vital wicket at a vital time. Chris Rogers, having picked up his maiden half-century, also gave away his wicket cheaply soon after tea. Anderson deceived him with a slightly slower ball and Bell plucked a tame chip shot out of the air to, at that point, continue the uncertainty of where this Test match was heading.

Enter Clarke and Smith, who were looking to replicate Alastair Cook and Kevin Pietersen's partnership at the end of day two and become Australia's calming influence. Their partnership of 37 off 16 gruelling overs came to an abrupt end when Clarke got the faintest of edges from a stunning delivery by Broad and a resurgent Swann caught Smith lbw with the very next ball.

The joy for England did not stop there as Swann trapped Hughes lbw for a duck with a corker which pitched *just* in line with leg stump and going on to hit middle.

England v Australia Test Series 2013 – 1st Test

England v Australia

Wed 10 Jul 2013, 11:00am BST, 11:00am local

England win by 14 runs

England – 1st innings

AN Cookc BJ Haddin b JL Pattinson132620
JE Rootb PM Siddle306460
IJL Trottb PM Siddle488090
KP Pietersenc MJ Clarke b PM Siddle142330
IR Bellc SR Watson b PM Siddle256360
JM Bairstowb MA Starc375170
MJ Priorc PJ Hughes b PM Siddle1700
SCJ Broadc & b JL Pattinson243050
GP Swannc PJ Hughes b JL Pattinson1500
ST Finnc BJ Haddin b MA Starc0100
JM Andersonnot out1600
Extras6b, 5lb, 8w, 2nb21
Total(59 ovs)215all out

fow: 1-27 (AN Cook, 8.6 ov), 2-78 (JE Root, 21.1 ov), 3-102 (KP Pietersen, 27.3 ov), 4-124 (IJL Trott, 35.5 ov), 5-178 (IR Bell, 47.5 ov), 6-180 (MJ Prior, 49.2 ov), 7-213 (SCJ Broad, 56.5 ov), 8-213 (JM Bairstow, 57.1 ov), 9-213 (ST Finn, 57.2 ov), 10-215 (GP Swann, 58.6 ov)

JL Pattinson17.026934.06
MA Starc17.055423.18
PM Siddle14.045053.57
AC Agar7.012403.43
SR Watson4.02701.75

Australia – 1st innings

SR Watsonc JE Root b ST Finn131430
CJL Rogerslbw JM Anderson163720
EJM Cowanc GP Swann b ST Finn0100
MJ Clarkeb JM Anderson0600
SPD Smithc MJ Prior b JM Anderson537971
PJ Hughesnot out8113190
BJ Haddinb GP Swann1200
PM Siddlec MJ Prior b JM Anderson1500
MA Starcc MJ Prior b JM Anderson0500
JL Pattinsonlbw GP Swann2800
AC Agarc GP Swann b SCJ Broad98101122
Total(64.5 ovs)280all out

fow: 1-19 (SR Watson, 3.3 ov), 2-19 (EJM Cowan, 3.4 ov), 3-22 (MJ Clarke, 6.2 ov), 4-53 (CJL Rogers, 14.3 ov), 5-108 (SPD Smith, 28.3 ov), 6-113 (BJ Haddin, 29.1 ov), 7-114 (PM Siddle, 30.2 ov), 8-114 (MA Starc, 32.1 ov), 9-117 (JL Pattinson, 33.4 ov), 10-280 (AC Agar, 64.5 ov)

JM Anderson24.028553.54
ST Finn15.008025.33
GP Swann19.046023.16
SCJ Broad6.504015.85

England – 2nd innings

AN Cookc MJ Clarke b AC Agar5016560
JE Rootc BJ Haddin b MA Starc53110
IJL Trottlbw MA Starc0100
KP Pietersenb JL Pattinson64150120
IR Bellc BJ Haddin b MA Starc109267150
JM Bairstowc BJ Haddin b AC Agar156200
MJ Priorc EJM Cowan b PM Siddle314260
SCJ Broadc BJ Haddin b JL Pattinson6514870
GP Swannc MJ Clarke b PM Siddle92810
ST Finnnot out2800
JM Andersonc PJ Hughes b PM Siddle0200
Extras2b, 13lb, 1w, 9nb25
Total(149.5 ovs)375all out

fow: 1-11 (JE Root, 7.3 ov), 2-11 (IJL Trott, 7.4 ov), 3-121 (KP Pietersen, 56.6 ov), 4-131 (AN Cook, 59.1 ov), 5-174 (JM Bairstow, 79.6 ov), 6-218 (MJ Prior, 92.6 ov), 7-356 (SCJ Broad, 140.5 ov), 8-371 (IR Bell, 146.2 ov), 9-375 (GP Swann, 149.3 ov), 10-375 (JM Anderson, 149.5 ov)

JL Pattinson34.0810122.97
MA Starc32.078132.53
AC Agar35.098222.34
PM Siddle33.5128532.51
SR Watson15.0111100.73

Australia – 2nd innings

SR Watsonlbw SCJ Broad467480
CJL Rogersc IR Bell b JM Anderson5212180
EJM Cowanc IJL Trott b JE Root144330
MJ Clarkec MJ Prior b SCJ Broad237020
SPD Smithlbw GP Swann174820
PJ Hugheslbw GP Swann0800
BJ Haddinc MJ Prior b JM Anderson7114790
AC Agarc AN Cook b JM Anderson147120
MA Starcc AN Cook b JM Anderson1500
PM Siddlec AN Cook b JM Anderson112220
JL Pattinsonnot out255721
Extras11b, 10lb, 1nb22
Total(110.5 ovs)296all out

fow: 1-84 (SR Watson, 24.1 ov), 2-111 (EJM Cowan, 36.4 ov), 3-124 (CJL Rogers, 42.4 ov), 4-161 (MJ Clarke, 58.6 ov), 5-161 (SPD Smith, 59.1 ov), 6-164 (PJ Hughes, 61.5 ov), 7-207 (AC Agar, 86.3 ov), 8-211 (MA Starc, 88.1 ov), 9-231 (PM Siddle, 94.2 ov), 10-296 (BJ Haddin, 110.5 ov)

JM Anderson31.5117352.29
SCJ Broad23.075422.35
GP Swann44.01010522.39
ST Finn10.033703.70
JE Root2.00613.00

match details

toss: England won the toss and elected to bat.

venue: Trent Bridge, Nottingham

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