15 Certificate

1hr 43mins

Antiviral Trailer
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Starring: Caleb Landry Jones, Sarah Gadon, Malcolm McDowell

Directed by: Brandon Cronenberg

The plot: Syd March is an employee at a futuristic clinic which allows fans of major celebrities to share the same viruses and ailments as their idols through a quick injection. It's a lucrative business and Syd decides to make some easy money on the side by smuggling out the clinic's most prized viruses in his bloodstream. This betrayal sends the young man on a downward spiral and as his health deteriorates, so too does his grasp on reality.

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"A smart, subversive but rather cold debut from Brandon Cronenberg that's short of the dark wit that lit up his father's early work."


"Brandon Cronenberg's movie is made with some technical skill and focus, but it is agonisingly self-regarding and tiresome."

Time Out

"Antiviral never wholly succeeds as either a surgical satire or a medical conspiracy thriller, and its tedious last third is like a diseased body dragging itself slowly to the grave."

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