Bel Ami

15 Certificate

1hr 42mins

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Starring: Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci, Colm Meaney, Holliday Grainger, Philip Glenister

Directed by: Declan Donnellan, Nick Ormerod

The plot: Georges Duroy harks from lowly stock and arrives in 1890s Paris with barely two francs to rub together. He is taken under the wing of friend Charles Forestier, who lands the ambitious upstart a position on a newspaper and introduces him to the elegant drawing rooms where his wife Madeleine and her coterie hold court. Georges quickly surmises that if he is to gain a foothold in polite society, he must seduce these women and exploit their influence.


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Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " Pattinson out shines again he creates an amazing substance one of his greatest movi yet" — no name
  • " Watching it now and I'm not impressed! Definitely not worth going to see. " — Lauren, 20
  • " This is possibly the worst film ever made. " — matt, 38, london
  • " the moviee is amazingg been waiting for it to come out for ages nd now its finally here it is a must watch itss sooo gooood plusi'll watch anything with rob in it ; Robert Pattinson is one of my fav actors i love tht he is soo versertile nd portrays ever" — hayley, 15, london
  • " rob is so hot i would watch him in anything love him so much " — jenny, 23, essex
  • " Love Rob but pants in this film, dont bother!!!" — Gill, 33, Stockport
  • " I love Robert pattinson sooo much he portrayed the character soo amazingly he was so emotionaly devoted to his character geroges D (Bel Ami )which made it so believeable and I love that he is so versertile I watch anything with rob in it he is truly one " — hayley, 14, England
  • " looks well good got to go and see it" — Hayly , 26, Newcastle upon tyne
  • " any thing with rob in i am there to watch it" — kat, 28, chesterfield
  • " looks wel gud nd rob is wel fit!!!!!!" — kat, 14, newcasle
  • " Robert is well fit!!!!!!!!!" — katarima, 15, newcasle
  • " Robert pattinson wel fit cant wait!!!!!luv u rob x" — katz x, 14, newcasle

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what the others say

Time Out

"This Bel Ami is spirited and sensible but little more than period fluff."


"Even with a strong cast to gild its endless chambers and salons, there's barely a spark of soul to fuel its story."

Total Film

"A good-looking yet curiously tame adaptation of a saucy classic that showcases Pattinson's ambition if not his full abilities."

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