Dark Shadows

12A Certificate

1hr 53mins

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Starring: Johnny Depp, Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jonny Lee Miller, Chloe Grace Moretz, Gulliver McGrath, Helena Bonham Carter, Jackie Earle Haley, Bella Heathcote, Sir Christopher Lee, Alice Cooper

Directed by: Tim Burton

The plot: Barnabas Collins re-awakens 200 years after a witch called Angelique cursed him to walk the earth as a vampire. While Barnabas acclimatises to the groovy customs and retina-searing fashions of swinging 1972 Maine, Angelique returns to make his undead life a misery. So the fanged fiend joins forces with the latest branch of the Collins family tree headed by Elizabeth to repel the vengeful harpy.

Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " Dark Shadows was a good film Although I am not into vampire films, this was still way better than twilight!!!!" — awesomeface3876
  • " very Tim Burton, very Johnny Depp." — Caroline
  • " Brill yet bits were scary I didn't know jonny to be a bloodsucking vamp aw well don't matter!!!!!!!!!!! " — erin, 12, consett
  • " Tim Burton's Dark Shadows starring Johnny Depp is the cloaca of cinema. Tommy Wiseau's directorial debut 'The Room' is 'To Kill a Mockingbird' in comparison." — Sean, 19, Liverpool
  • " Ok film had some funny moment n jokes. Got bored though as it was slow and took ages to get to the action scene( that was at the end). Truthly only went to see it because of Kinney Deppt." — rebecca, 18, Leicester
  • " wow that was a bad movie. and long too. has some funny bits but not enough to justify. sequel? really? "straight to video " me thinks. " — gm, 28, titan
  • " Johnny Depp exceptionally funny. His expressions alone had us in stitches. Great fun. " — di and jane, 50, Oldham
  • " Tongue in cheek, good fun, easy to watch film. Johnny Depp nice bit of eye candy!" — Nicola, 42, Bedford
  • " Terrible!!" — Beks, 32, midlands
  • " This film is amazing! I went to the European premiere and went Tim and Johnny and it made the film even more enjoyable. great work! " — beth , 18
  • " Not bad, but nothing memorable here!" — ingychook, 46, cardiff
  • " i went to watch this sunday and thought it was brillant and funny. you should defitly go see it" — Sian , 16, Aylesbury
  • " Not as good as I had expected and not funny either. " — abz, 12, london
  • " Very poor apart from a very occasional one liner from depp not a good film and 12a rating not good either more suited to 15 over" — jamie, 28, Ayr
  • " Ok movie, funny on a few occasions but I think it's time for J. Depp to try to play something different now cause it's getting a bit boring playing the same role over and over again. " — Sopor, 31, Bmth
  • " This is worth going to see just for the special affects they were excellent. But the film laked that cutting edge, the story line was poor. 10/10 for special affects 4/10 for film" — Leslie, Haverhill
  • " I think it was very cleverly thought out through out the entire film and the mix up of characters were fantastically brought to life with all the cast members. A Tim Burton film at its original best. " — Tony, 24, Berkshire
  • " Personally wanted to leave the cinema half way through this film, thankfully I didn't. It gradually gets better leaving the last 20 minutes quite good. Other than that probably won't see it again. Lovely to see the wonderful Chloe moretz though! " — Steph, 18
  • " Worth going to see, but wish Jonathan Frid had been on screen longer. Blink and you miss him!" — Linda, 64, Emsworth
  • " It's an ok film but sorry to say just about all the good, best bits have been put in the trailer. " — MrD, 33, Uk
  • " I thought the film was shocking.. I expected alot more.. I hardly found it funny was a real dissapointment.:( was looking forward to watching it but was rubbish.. Definetaly don't waste your time.. " — lacey, 15, leamington spa
  • " it looks grate i cant wait to see it i think jhonny depp lookes amazing as a vampire but there is still the best bits to come and there will be loades of people going they wont stop talking about it it is unbaleavable but i cant wait and its on my birthda" — katie, 14, darlington
  • " I am in love with Tim Burton esp his mindx I have Tim Burton collections all over my flat even 3 burton artwork inked from his poetry book. I love how every film he makes make u feel like your imagination has never gone. " — Tracy Carruthers, 34, Glasgow
  • " carter burton and depp are a killer combo so cant wait !" — kerry, 42, wareham

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"Few director-star partnerships are as consistently eccentric or malleable as that of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, but even loyalists will detect an odour of mothballs clinging to their eighth bigscreen collaboration."

Total Film

"One of the strangest mainstream releases of recent times, Dark Shadows' demented gothic melodrama/fish-out-of-water comedy/creature feature feels like you've slipped into a Burton fever-dream."


"A word of warning: this is not the knockabout comedy the trailer suggests. Instead, it cleaves closer to what you expect from Burton: darkness, quirk and Johnny Depp on great form. A step up, then, from Alice In Wonderland and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, but not tip-top Tim."

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