Django Unchained

18 Certificate

2hr 45mins

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Starring: Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L Jackson, Kerry Washington, Zoe Bell, Don Johnson, Bruce Dern, Robert Carradine, James Russo, Amber Tamblyn, Jonah Hill

Directed by: Quentin Tarantino

The plot: German bounty hunter Dr King Schultz releases a slave called Django from his shackles. Django is valuable because he the only man who can identify the murderous Brittle brothers. Having been granted his freedom, Django agrees to help Schultz kill the siblings. The slave subsequently learns that his beloved wife Broomhilda has fallen into the clutches of a slippery plantation owner, Calvin Candie, and Schultz pledges his allegiance for a daredevil rescue mission.


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Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " good idea. swept easily along on the premis." — topaz, 50, croydon
  • " i want to watch django cause its exciting latest movie to watch." — tafadzwa, 30, sherwood
  • " Not at all Tarintino's best work despite his hallmarks of a poor soundtrack, a self indulgent cameo and excessive blood. It is a must see but not his greatest by any means" — rebecca, 18, york
  • " Fantastic" — Dave, 52, Rochdale
  • " Immence film! Loved it :) " — Elerain, london
  • " Not the besf Tarantino movie, plot lacked substance although as always the acting was of a decent standard. Worth watching when it gets to DVD " — dave , 39, glasgow
  • " BRILLIANT.." — Billy Walker, 51, south shields
  • " just goes to show we all see things differently. this film was fantastic I dont have to say anymore. " — terryb, 52, Worcester
  • " If you think people being killed is funny you will like this film. For the rest of us normal people the film is tedious long so empty bladder before watching " — maz, 52, kirkcaldy
  • " What an extraordinary film, gory but very funny moments in there too. Tarantino at his best. Samuel Jackson also played an amazing role. Must watch!" — Zein, 32
  • " Absolute rubbish!!!!!!" — william, 34, Telford
  • " another fabulous film by tarantino." — Karen, Solihull
  • " Great, if gory, film. Tarantino is back on form but he really should be stopped from doing cameos!" — Les, 45, Wakefield
  • " "Loved every second, Tarantino is a genius. will have to go back and watch it again so much to take in. Best yet ! " " — sue, 64, cheltenham
  • " AMAZING! Best film I've seen in a long time- I normally wouldn't go and see a film like this but I am so glad that I did! The gory bits made me cringe a bit but it was a brilliant Gilm and a must see.." — chloe, 23, Surrey
  • " What a great film yet again the man is just the best at film writing keeps you glued to the screen " — andy, 30, burton on Trent
  • " Brilliant! Tarantino at his best yet again. " — sophie, earls Colne
  • " It it amazing how it has 5 nominees in the baftas already and it not even out yet. Quentin is a genius as he always is. It looks good on the tv and trailer for it aswell. I am looking forward to watching it. " — James, Oldham
  • " Tarantinos films are always good and this one has been nomanated 5 times in the baftas so it must be good" — Jason o'connor, 13, Hoddesdon
  • " I love kill bill which he did and also inglorius basterds, so hopefully this is just as good as them. If it is then i am looking forward to seeing it." — James, 15, Oldham

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"Another strong, sparky and bloody entry in the QT canon."


"It isn't the director's best work by any means, but it retains the excitement and punch inherent in his films."


"An immensely satisfying taste of antebellum empowerment packaged as spaghetti-Western homage."

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