How To Train Your Dragon

PG Certificate

1hr 37mins

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Starring: Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill, Kristen Wiig, Craig Ferguson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Directed by: Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders

The plot: A weedy, young Viking called Hiccup has been instructed his whole life that dragons are evil beasts. Consequently, youngsters in the village all grow up with a hatred of the creatures. By chance, Hiccup befriends an injured dragon and nurses the creature back to health. As the bond between animal and boy deepens, Hiccup questions everything he has ever been told.


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Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " I loved this film. Literally... Best film ever :') " — Ann, 16
  • " i thought this film was brilliant. i was hooked." — Ivy, 27, wood green
  • " Such a great film love it. im Buying it on dvd" — dougy, 25, wakefield
  • " Went to see this movie as a light Sunday entertainment- and had a great time. The visuals are fantastic, the dialogues Sharp and witty. I've seen it with a 16 year old who exclaimed that she hasn't seen a better animated movie so far (as for 2010). great " — Alexandra, 24, London
  • " I thought it was gonna be like the book, well I was wrong!" — Nik, 12, Chichester
  • " Luv it.. funny.. love it!!! . " — Jessica, 15, Uk
  • " well good u have 2 go see it xxx" — Jessica, 13, Inglewhite
  • " I like the movie so much because it was the best best Dreamworks movie" — Nadia, 9, Chiswick
  • " This film was completely rubbish. I haven't seen a dragon in a long time. Really bored." — Ryan, 19, London
  • " It was so exciting. i loved every mintue of it!" — Tippi wilson, 11, putney
  • " I love this film! It's so funny and so cute! I'm a wuss.. and I cried! " — Chloe-Allyson, 15, Swansea
  • " Loved it!! I would die to have toothless!! 10/10 for me! " — Lily, 10, London
  • " I like the movie because it has a cute dragon" — Sina, 6, Chiswick
  • " I was very surprised at how good this was becuase i thought it would of been another one of those boring films!" — Erin, 12, Glasgow
  • " I like how to train your dragon" — Nadia, 9, Chiswick
  • " As with all new animated movies, too much time was spent on visuals while not enough time spent on plot/script. Entirely average." — Lisa, 28, Edinburgh
  • " I love it. I laughed at the film. The 3D experience was very good." — Ben, 24, Bolton
  • " it was funny brilliant fabulous hilarious amazing and the best film i have seen in my life!!!!!!!" — Bethany, 10, Portsmouth
  • " cool 3d" — Jayden, 9, Coventry
  • " Really good but I wouldn't want to see it in 3D." — Bethany, 9, Sutton
  • " Outstanding ... Must see in 3D. " — Shantanu, 30
  • " Watched it with my mam, dad and brother. We all absolutly loved it! Took my nan to watch it too! She loved it tooo :D " — Jess, 18
  • " Great film! Toothless was cute XD" — Dan, 19
  • " i went 2 c this movie with my litle sis (8) and her friend. i thought it was gonna b really babyish...but it was actually really funny. " — Jasmine , 15, London
  • " x" — Stacey, 12, Bristol
  • " The movie made me smile and I really enjoyed it. The characters were fantastic and I loved the story, too. Best film I've seen in ages!" — Rob, 16
  • " A terrific night out at the cinema. It's a treat for both parents and kids." — Steve, Sudbury, Suffolk
  • " Awesome! A must see movie." — Phoebe, 14
  • " It was amazing i loved it i would definitely go and see such a super film again" — Sam, 13, Derby
  • " I thought it would be terrible, but I really loved it! Toothless is so cute :)" — Dazzle, 15, Eastleigh
  • " I went along not expecting much but it was a brilliant film, great use of 3D and a great story worth seeing" — Liam, 14, Wales
  • " Went to see this with the kids not expecting much to be honest. It was awesome though. We Loved it. Would go again to see it. I would totally recommend it. x" — Moomaboo, 31, Kilmarnock
  • " Fantastic family movie, great 3D effect. But I was surprised by how enjoyable it is" — Lorna, 45, Kilburn
  • " Took my son, didn't want to, wow. A film for all. Funny, engaging and entertainment like no other. Liked it so much, went to see it again in 3d. Betta. " — Zapman, 41, Halifax
  • " This movie is so cool and you will not even guess what happens next. I recommend this movie for family/friends or children!" — Chelsea, 11, East Kilbride
  • " Brilliant!! scottish vikings with american kids who play with dragons!!! so good" — Siobhan, 22, Glasgow
  • " hahahahaha the best film ever you have got to go and see it :):):):) xxxxxxxxxxxx" — Amy, 11, Ashborn
  • " A cracking family film, ave to say I really enjoyed it espcially that I wasn't really up for it." — Chaz, 45, Birmingham
  • " I thought it was brilliant , I nearly cried on the last bit where the dragon nearly died but besides that it was very funny!" — Martha, 11
  • " this was a top film!" — Kd, 18, Stafford
  • " The film was great, the children were glued to the screen all the way through. Funny, well paced, good storyline, amazing animation - the children actually 'believed' what they saw! Great :-)" — The Rose Family
  • " This movie is awesome I absolutely loved it everythinhg about it was great and also Toothless ( the black dragon) was really cute he had cute eyes:D " — Zakiyyah, 12, Birmingham
  • " I thought it was really good, and it was very funny! Great laugh :D" — jessica , 13
  • " the film was absoulutely amazing ive never seen a better 3D film its alot better than avatar. would recomend it to anyone to go and see" — jd, 0, n/o
  • " my boys loved this film i was very surprised to like it but i did and it was right up the boys street fighting and dragons best animation seen in a long time" — Tracey, 28, Darlington
  • " It took a while to get started but once the story properly got under way it was a really entertaining film.there's humour for adults and children and the graphics were very good.a good all rounder for all ages :) xxxxxx" — kim, 24, Bristol
  • " Very good film, especially in 3d!! It wz a hartfelt nd sumtimes comedic family film. I'd recomend it 2 evry1!! :)" — jamie, Cumbria
  • " Brilliant!!! Loved every moment of this film!! :) xxx" — Sasha, 14, Kent
  • " BEST FILM I HAVE SEEN IN YEARS! Smashed Alice in Wonderland and Avatar to pieces :D!!! " — Jac, 23, London
  • " Lol love this film went to see it in 2D and i loved it so i went to see it in 3D and it was even better love it a must see film" — Kieran, 13, Glasgow
  • " Was very good really enjoyed it a fim for the full family!" — Jade, 20, Stockton
  • " I was really disappointed as I have a dragon and I went to see it to give me tips to train my dragon and they didnt work ='( xxxxxxxxxx" — Hannah, 11, Lanarkshire
  • " really good :] espesh in 3D !!! really funny aswel haha great movie for kids an kids at heart lol " — Paige, 17, Norton
  • " I thought this film had it's moments, some parts were really funny but others were really bring and predictable, I would recomens this film for 12 years or younger" — jayne, 15, Taunton
  • " Very funny but didn't stick to the book very much! I loved toothless" — luke meeson, 13
  • " Very funny film amazing in 3d!" — luke meeson, 13
  • " Awsome it made me jump but allways awsome, funny " — kate
  • " Amazing film a total must see. I thought it would be babyish but came out of the cinema pleasantly surprised. My little brother loved it too. Really really good.10/10! X" — Sheeana, 13, Menston
  • " Real feel good film that really makes you chuckle, brilliant for all ages" — Lil Trez, 21, The Shire
  • " I thought this film was brilliant, i did plan to go watch I love you phillip Morris but miss the show so we ended up watching this and I'm so glad I did. It's funny, great acting and i thought it was cute :) haha it's not what I expected. I would so recco" — Lilriggers , 17, Manchester
  • " What a bag of poo it was so boring I fell asleep woke up to realise itwas still on and left the cinema never again but maybe a good DVD ?" — gareth , 20, hulme Manchester
  • " fantastic!!" — ruby, 12, northampton
  • " absolutely brilliant i would love to see it again it was so good it gave me goosebumps fantastic definitely a must see " — daisy , 12, northampton
  • " Loved it 3D is amazing a film 4 all ages :)" — Lisa, 36, staffs
  • " A brilliant film that all can enjoy! Dreamworks has done it again!" — reg, 16, Heathfield
  • " Omg the black dragon (toothless: as named in film) was sooooo cute I want one!!! It was almazing in 3D!!! Although the glasses were kinda uncool and made family look really funny!! " — Ellie, 14, solihull
  • " It is sutable for kids of all ages!!" — Ben, 19, Holtspure
  • " Great family movie a must see on 3D" — Caron, 40, Basingstoke
  • " I think the film is amazing " — Chelsea, 11, Northampton
  • " Absolutely brilliant! Fantastic visuals, great use of 3D and an amusing, well told, story. Suitable for children of all ages!" — Malcolm, 36
  • " That dragon is the cutest thing EVER!!! Fantastic film and great characters." — Alex, 15, Dunfermline
  • " This is amazin love TOOHLESS!!! This film is just wicked it was amazing in 3D im going watching it again hope they make a second one it would be soooooooo COOL!" — Courtney, 13, Bolton
  • " Great film, best kids film I've seen in a long time and my 2 kids loved it!" — stephen davidson, 34, Glasgow
  • " i think that how to train your dragon is an amazing film its got some really funny parts and i think that anyone would love the film :D WACTH IN 3D IF POSSIBLE" — Emma marie chad...xx, 14, mansfield
  • " 10 out of 10 best film ever made in my book hope they make a second one. it a must see. love Toothless. " — Guy , 18, Milton Keynes
  • " I loved this film! I watched with my family and we all loved it. It is great fun for all the family. I would really recommend it if you like a laugh!" — Emma, 17
  • " Absolutely fantastic film, loved it, definitely for the young and old, my 8 year old thought it was amazing and after entering the cinema a little sceptical I was surprised to find that the film had everything. Brilliant! " — Laura, 33, Wirral
  • " It was really really really really good" — Rachel, 14, Tamworth
  • " Amazing film, fun story and Some cool jokes! Go and see it, very highly reccommended!!! Go watch it!" — Memwah, 21, London
  • " didn't think that this woul be my kind of film, and i thought it would be a bit 'babyish' but after watching it i really enjoyed it! :)" — Shannon , 13
  • " Wow!!! Great movie for all ages. Amazing effects, good storyline and an altogether fantasic movie." — Nic, 26, Leicester
  • " TOTALLY ROCKING DUDES!" — Ella, 10
  • " Didn't really know what to expect, however what a brilliant film. The graphics were cool and the plot was really well planned for an animated film. A must see for all." — Gareth, 25, Yorkshire
  • " Haven't seen it yet, but watched the trailer and it looks epic. Really looking forward to the awesome graphics most people talk about. Can't wait XD " — James, 16, Sandy
  • " A great film! Some good thrills and laughs too! I found it funny though that all the vikings were Scottish, but their kids were American!" — TR Wolf, 26, Bolton
  • " Fantastic film, stunning graphics and definitley worth seeing! " — Bobsikoo, 12, Hove
  • " God sense of humour throughout the film, exceeded my expectations" — Jodie, 19, Birmingham
  • " It's a brilliant heart warming film, very funny for all ages. Definitely worth going to see. " — Paul, 37, Birmingham
  • " A wonderful film no boring bits.The best movie I ever saw. I rate this movie 10/10." — Aditya, 12, Burnley
  • " It is a fantastic movie ad you wold like to watch it again." — praveen, 39, burnley
  • " I thought I wasn't goin to like it but I really enjoyed it and was quite funny. The dragon looks like a mixture of stitch and bolt. Lolx" — justine
  • " I like it it was funny" — David Norton, 14, liverpool
  • " Wow amazing for 13,14 and 18, even 32... I could go on." — Chloe, 13, Bromley
  • " Nice move." — Jack , 32, Timpely
  • " I read the book when I was small the film looks like it's gonna be good" — Mel, 13, Bath
  • " I like it" — Kennisha , Aylesbury

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Radio Times

"Where this highly appealing comedy adventure really excels is with awesome visuals that rival Avatar's."

Time Out

"The characterisation remains disappointingly old fashioned and unoriginal. But the visuals are striking, the script sharp and well paced and it all wraps up with a breathtaking aerial battle sequence."

Film 4

"A fast-paced, funny adventure, offsetting its more grounded scenes with some breathtaking flights of fancy - and in an age when fundamentalism and secularism are constantly at war, it teaches children never simply to believe what they read."

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